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PokerKing Reshuffle
Reshuffle is a new feature designed to help combat unfair play. Currently, reshuffle is only available at PLO-5 tables
Deposit Methods at PokerKing. Use of cryptocurrency, P2P transfer, electronic payment systems.
Methods for withdrawing funds (cashout) from the PokerKing room. Using cryptocurrencies and electronic wallets to receive winnings.
How to Play Poker?
Players of all levels meet in the PokerKing room. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, whether you love cash games or tournaments, you'll still find the right game for you at PokerKing.
Poker Dictionary
Poker glossary for beginners: what's ante, blinds, button, combinations.
How to play Holdem
How to play Holdem on PokerKing: common rules for Texas Hold'em, combinations ranking and game phases
How to play Omaha Hi
How to play Omaha Hi on PokerKing: common rules for 4-card Omaha, seniority of combinations and game phases
How to play Omaha Hi-Lo
How to play Omaha Hi-Lo on PokerKing: common rules for Omaha 8 or better, seniority of combinations and game phases
How to play Stud
How to play Stud High/Lo
Pot Limit
Pot Limit is a type of poker with bet sizing, limited by a pot. PokerKing uses it for Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo and Hold’em tournaments and cash tables.
KO Tournaments
Confiscation from cheaters
PokerKing is against scammers, cheaters and bots: the room punished them with confiscation and compensated the losses to the victims.
Tournaments with re-entries
Re-entry MTT: how they works, how find them on PokerKing and what difference between re-entry and rebuy
Fixed Limit or Limit Poker
Limit Poker or Fixed Limit is a type of poker with fixed bet sizing. PokerKing uses it for Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, 7 Stud, 7 Stud Hi-Lo and Hold'em tournaments and cash tables.
Slots Ride Along
Ride Along is a type of slots where streamer can be a target for side bets from their viewers while gambling
Getting a Bonus
Claiming the first deposit bonus in the PokerKing room.
Layout, design of table and lobby
Table desing, tournament lobby desing and layout for betsing in PokerKing settings section
Player to Player Transfers (P2P)
P2P transfer is an internal transfer between PokerKing player accounts without cashout and deposit.
Using VPN to Play
Using VPN to play
Navigating the Software
Instructions for using the game client of the PokerKing poker room. Main sections, game elements and their settings.
Rake Calculation
Poker rake calculation in the PokerKing room. The size of the rake at the cash tables, the calculation method.
Sit&Go tournaments
Games speeds of the tournaments
All PokerKing MTTs tournaments are ranked in three categories, depend on games speeds of the tournaments: normal, turbo, hyper.
Prize structures
Prize structures vary depending on the number of participants. Most tournaments pay 12% to 16% of the field. 
Tournament Tickets
Tournament tickets allow you to take part in a tournament without a buy-in fee. Tickets can be obtained through satellites.
Play Money games
How Does Staking Work?
Staking is the ability to buy and sell stakes in tournaments. In the PokerKing room, staking is built right into the game client.
Account Verification for Staking With Markup
Instructions for passing the verification process for selling stakes in PokerKing tournament staking with a premium.
Double or Nothing
PokerKing's built-in "Double Or Nothing" game offers you to double your winnings from this table or lose everything.
What is Blitz Poker?
Playing Blitz poker at PokerKing. How to play Blitz Poker? What is poker blitz?
Capped Tables (CAP)
CAP tables are special tables with a limit on the game stack. You can play at a high limit with big blinds, while all players will have a stack limited to 30 big blinds.
PokerKing allows you to play at 24 tables at the same time. You can open the required number of cash tables or tournaments.
The Railbird
Using the function "The Railbird" you can show your game to your friends. To do this, you just need to copy the link and share it in a convenient way for you. The link can be copied directly from the gaming table.
Spin To Get In
The built-in "Spin To Get In" game gives you the chance to enter any PokerKing tournament for $0.01!
The Maximizer
The Maximizer is a special option for the "Jackpot Poker" game format that simplifies the process of opening gaming tables.
Time Bank
Timebank settings (time bank) at PokerKing. Waiting time calculation.
Raising at a No Limit (NL) or Pot Limit (PL) table can be done using the popup slider that appears next to the action buttons.
Displaying Statistics at the Gaming Tables
Displaying statistics at the gaming tables during tournaments at PokerKing.
Synchronized Breaks
The PokerKing room has synchronized tournament breaks. So after 55 minutes all tournaments in the room stop for 5 minutes.
Hand For Hand Game Mode
обозначение режима "Hand For Hand", это означает близость призовой зоны турнира
Late Registration to Tournaments
For each tournament at PokerKing, late registration is provided - the opportunity to participate in a tournament that has already started.
ITM Sign in Tournaments
You will see the inscription "ITM" on the gaming table at the moment when the tournament reaches the prize zone. This feature is intended to make it easier for tournament participants to play. You won't have to constantly look in the lobby and you won't miss the promotion to the prizes.
Progressive Payouts (ITM/ATM)
The ITM/ATM progressive payout system means that after entering the prize zone of a tournament, you will automatically receive the minimum prize for this tournament on your balance. By occupying higher and higher places during the game, you will receive additional payments corresponding to the current prize.
All-in Experience
All-in Experience at the PokerKing gaming table.
Hotkeys allow you to set different poker actions to certain keys or key combinations on your keyboard.
Preferred Seat
You can choose a preferred seat for you to display at the gaming table, after which at all tables (both cash and tournament), your game avatar will be displayed at this place.
How to Make a Deal at the Final Table?
Instructions for making a deal at the final table of a tournament at PokerKing with a prize split among several players.
Built-in Tournament Statistics
display of tournament statistics on the game table, number of players, place, tournament prizes
Poker Table Avatars
Choose the right avatar to express your mood or tease your opponents at the table. We have a great set of avatars to make your game more personalized and fun.
What is Run It Twice?
How does Run It Twice work during a cash game at PokerKing? Bank split and rake information when using the feature.
All-In Insurance Play It Safe
Play It Safe insurance allows a player to lock in winnings before going all-in.
All-In or Fold
All-In or Fold rules at PokerKing: Sit and Go, cahs tables and MTT.
Auto Buy-In
The automatic buy-in feature allows you to quickly take a seat when you click on the "Free Seat" sign during a cash game at PokerKing.
Auto Balance Top-Up
Automatic balance replenishment settings (auto top up), automatic rebuy.
Final Table Live Stream
The broadcast of the final table is delayed by 30 minutes, so the display of the cards does not affect the gameplay.
Changing the Graphics at the Final Table
When the tournament reaches the stage of playing at one final table, the system automatically changes the style of the table.
Mobile Poker on Android and iPhone
PokerKing mobile client for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad), as well as Android phones and tablets.
Players Protection
The names of players at the gaming tables are hidden in order to protect them from prohibited practices (such as “mining” and “bumhunting”). When choosing a game table, you will not see the names of your opponents until you play from the big blind.
Rail Table Tickets
Players' nicknames are hidden from spectators until they join to play. The exception is Rail Table Tickets.
Loyalty Program Terms
Terms and Conditions of the loyalty program at PokerKing.
Restricted Programs Exclusion (EAT)
Prohibition of the use of auxiliary software, prohibited software, mining, auto-landing scripts, hud.
Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
2FA on PokerKing: how to find, turn on and set up the security codes on phone, email or WhatsApp
Bankroll Beneficiaries
The Bankroll Beneficiaries function allows you to specify the person who will receive the bankroll if the account owner is di.
Responsible Gaming Policy
The PokerKing room has a responsible gaming policy. It includes a number of features that allow the player to limit their access to tables, poker formats and even delete the account.
“Responsible Gaming” Settings
Если вы не можете контролировать свою страсть к игре, то воспользуйтесь специальными ограничительными функциями в настройках комнаты PokerKing.
Integrity and Transparency
Integrity and transparency are our main guidelines as a gambling organizer. We believe that the activities of gambling operators should be transparent and at the same time more strictly regulated.
Report Abuse
Report poker table abuse, foul play, chip dumping, bots and other abuse.
Tournament Rules
The following rules are applicable to all online poker tournaments at Winning Poker Network.
Safety of Funds (Segregated Accounts)
Player funds are kept separate from room funds, which are used for operating expenses.
Security and Integrity (RNG)
RNG verification certificate iTech Labs, safety and fairness of the game in the room.
Standard Promotional Terms
Conditions for holding promotions in the room. Rules for rebuffing bonuses and paying out winnings.
Zero Tolerance for Fraud and Collusion
No cheating or collusion while playing at the PokerKing tables.
Security and Game Integrity Policy
Game safety and integrity policy, privacy conditions, fines, bots, bots.
Winning Poker Network Manifesto
Learn more about the principles that underpin our company.
Gambling License
PokerKing carries out legal activities of organizing and conducting online gambling based on a valid Antillephone Curacao license.
About Us
Learn more about the history and development of the PokerKing room.