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Standard Promotional Terms


1.1 This document details the Standard Promotional Terms that is applicable to each and every promotional offer through
or website working in conjunction with that relate to any associated Promotion Specific Terms which could referenced as “Key Terminology”, displayed on the individual landing or web index page for the related promotion. Our Terms of Service , Royal Club Terms and Conditions and our Security Policy (Hence jointly, the Rules) in cooperation structure a binding legal agreement between, You (the Customer) and Us ( ) and thereby can only be amended with Our sole consent. By actively taking part in any promotion, You are signifying that You willfully accept and agree to be legally bound by the Rules herein.

1.2 Prior to any participation in any promotion it is advisable to carefully read and understand these Terms of Service and any applicable Promotion Specific Terms.

1.3 By any unforeseen chance that there is any disagreement or discrepancy between these Standard Promotional Terms, any applicable Promotion Specific Terms and the Terms of Service , the Promotion Specific Terms will be the deciding factor, followed by these Standard Promotional Terms, this will be the order used as our determination of any irregularity in agreements.

1.4 You can print a copy of the Standard Promotional Terms by choosing “Print” option from the File meny of your browser.

1.5 The use of the platform or any of the services on the platform is done in accordance to these Rules.


2.1 As we find necessary, we may periodically hold Promotions which can be in the form of bonus offers (either monetary bonuses or another form of incentive), prize draws, competitions, contests, leagues, tournaments or a collective grouping there of. The individual form of any Promotion will be described fully and in legible terms, and full details will be sent out through various sources of communications (such as emails, computer pop-ups and letters).

2.2 The provider with whom You contracted with under the Terms of Service (“We“, “Us” and “Our“) shall function as the promoter for the purposes of all Promotions.

2.3 The duration of each Promotion will be specifically detailed in the Promotion Specific Terms that affect each individual promotion. The run time, identified as the “Promotion Period”, will conclude automatically at the precise end time and will be discontinued on the platform. In case there is no specified “Promotion Period” the Promotion ends as soon as it is discontinued on the platform.


3.1 Involvement in each Promotion is limited to one per entrant, family, household, address, organization or IP address to whom We specifically send the Promotion Communication to. We withhold the right to control participation in certain Promotions to players who fulfill specific selection criteria. If a Promotion Communication permits multiple participants, We reserve the right, at Our sole discretion, to put a ceiling on the number of participants, any possible variances for these guidelines will be noted in the specific Promotion Communication.

3.2 Unless indicated in the particular Promotion Communication, it is deliberately addressed to a specific addressee or grouping of recipients only and cannot be reassigned. If You were not the recipient addressed on the Promotional Communication then the offer is null and void.


4.1 In order to be permitted to partake in any Promotion, You must:

(a) be at least eighteen (18) years of age, or the legal age of majority in Your home country, state or province;

(b) be legally entitled to use Our services in accordance with Our Terms of Service;

(c) On the occasion the Promotion is specifically intended for players who are residents of and/or located in a particular country as stated in the applicable Promotion Specific Terms, be a documented resident of and/or located in that country;

(d) Unless the applicable Promotion Specific Terms indicate that a “no purchase necessary” route is available and subject to section 5.2 below, have successfully completed registration on the Platform for the relevant service and opened a real money player account (Account) in accordance with Our Terms of Service ;

(e) Ensure that all of specific criteria set fourth in the relevant sections of these applicable Promotion Specific Terms are satisfied in order to clearly demonstrate eligibility as per the certain general categories of the Promotion;

(f) Must not indentified as an Unauthorized Person (as defined in section 6, below);

(a Qualifying Player).

4.2 In order to participate in any Promotion which is acknowledged as an offer to new players or which is described as a “new player” or “sign up” offer (or similar), You must not previously have an active account nor received any of Our Services. Once verified, You will be eligible to partake in Such Promotions. These offers cannot be used simultaneously in coincidence with another Promotional offer.

4.3 The identity of each participant in a Promotion will be determined from all or any combination of the following: name, address, email address, credit/charge/debit card number, IP address and other forms of identification which may be required. We reserve the right to request further information from You if You wish to participate in certain Promotions.


5.1 Each Promotion is a voluntary event and therefore participation is made by choice. You can decline to participate by simply ignoring the pertinent Promotion Communication.

5.2 Participation in these Promotions have been simplified, first of all be sure to carefully follow the instructions in the applicable Promotion Communication, which will be located on the web landing page for that Promotion and, where appropriate, the applicable Promotion Specific Terms. In the area where it states “No Purchase Necessary” to participate in the Promotion, You can at that point send an e-mail to the specified and then you are ready to participate.

5.3 On the Promotion Specific Terms, entry into each Promotion can only be used once, unless otherwise indicated.


6.1 In the event clarity is required, Our definition of,” relative” shall include, but not be limited to, a spouse, partner, child or sibling and any person residing in the same household as any of the foregoing persons. Officers of the company, directors, employees, consultants or agents of King Enterprises N.V ( or any of its subsidiaries, parent or associated companies, or any of its or their respective suppliers or vendors (including advertising, printing and publicity agencies) or any officers, directors, employees, consultants or agents of any entity connected with any Promotion, or relatives of any of the foregoing persons (in short – Unauthorized persons).

Participation in any Promotion by Unauthorized Persons is strictly prohibited.

6.2 We reserve the right, without prejudice to any other rights under the Rules, to seek the return of any bonus, payment, award or other prize, from any non-Qualifying Player that illegally participates in any Promotion, including from that player’s Account.

6.3 We withhold the right, at Our sole discretion, to disqualify any player whose conduct is in breach of the Rules, contrary to the spirit of the Rules or the intention of the pertinent Promotion, or might, in Our reasonable opinion, bring Us, any of Our Group companies or any of Our or their respective brands into disrespect or who knowingly cheats or who tampers or attempts to interfere with the entry process or the operation of any Promotion.


7.1 Unless a “no purchase necessary” route is available (or such other dispensation is available) is indicated, the appropriate Specific Promotional Term, participation in any Promotion is subject to You having made the compulsory minimum deposit as may be required from periodically into Your Account (Qualifying Deposit). This is in full force except if Your Promotion Specific Terms specify that a different Qualifying Deposit amount is required.

Example: New Player Bonus

7.2 For clarity purposes transfers conducted between player Accounts and reverse cash outs are not considered Qualifying Deposits for the purpose of any minimum Qualifying Deposit requirements.

7.3 Qualifying Deposit requirements can be found by clicking here .


Bonuses are incentives given to players. Normally they are issued to player’s Bonus Money balance, that is located in the Cashier section of the lobby, but in some specific promotions and/or occasions player may receive a bonus in form of straight cash to his real money balance.

A bonus issued to a player normally would require the player to earn a certain number of Royalty Points within a certain amount of time. The numbers of points required to be played, is generally a multiple of the bonus amount.

Example: If the bonus amount is $20, the player has to earn 5 times the bonus amount in Royalty Points , i.e. 20 x 5 = 100 Royalty Points .