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Zero Tolerance for Fraud and Collusion

As previously mentioned, PokerKing believes in clarity and truthfulness in all facets of its advertising. The actual prevention of all instances of fraud and collusion is impossible and deceptive and yet many poker sites make this promise. In an industry which is naturally attractive to players wishing to commit acts of fraud and collusion or use robots and third party software to assist them in their games, it is almost impossible to catch every event as it occurs. There have been many recent events within the online poker industry which have called its credibility and even its viability into question.

Many poker establishments promise the protection of sophisticated software which magically prevents fraud and collusion and very few players question this. And yet, despite developing software for more than 11 years, PokerKing’s management have so far neither heard of nor been able to develop the algorithm which can detect a smart group of players playing as a team. For example, it is possible for 4 skilled players to be sitting at an eight seat table and playing as a team whilst connected by chat, Skype or phone, knowing each other’s cards and passing on all information about the game as it is played. There is currently NO software developed which can detect these events.

Securing a gambling environment is no different to securing a city or an individual’s internet access. In our society, we have the police to keep criminals at bay. Regardless of how many preventive measures the police develop or how many new laws politicians introduce, there are always people who find a way to bypass those laws and create new crimes. The same applies to the internet: however quickly new antivirus protection software is developed, hackers continue to create new viruses. This is the challenge which we are facing.


Commercial (adverts) software represents a type of software that sends unwanted intrusive messages that would usually “pop up” with no prior warning causing much frustration to you. Normally, it is hard to combat this sort of apps that create these problems, sometimes – next to impossible. PokerKing is dedicated to build a real wall on the way of this pest not to hamper your game.

Spyware, being another sort of unwanted software, gets installed on your computer without your knowledge and starts gathering and sending data specific to the usage of your machine. More hazardous apps may go as far as collecting user names and passwords sending them to third parties that want to steal your personal data and commit fraud. PokerKing software not only does not contain any harmful spyware but utilizes encrypting technology that guarantees maximum security for your personal information.

Malicious software is used to breach your computer’s operating system, specific applications on your computer and/or damage them. To name a few, those are viruses, worms and “trojan horse”-like programs. They are designed to be hidden within another piece of software, seemingly harmless, and operate in the background undetectable to the point when damage had already been caused. PokerKing makes every effort to provide security while downloading and using our software at all times.

PokerKing cannot promise total protection from fraud and collusion, however we will continue to do everything within our power to prevent the abuse. This is a list of the preventive measures that we have taken to date and continue developing:

  • We have hired a high level developers who specializes in developing anti-robot software. We hope to stay one step ahead of robotic players.
  • We have set up a new software development division whose main focus is the prevention of third party software, access to our software and the abuse of player information.
  • We have developed different features to detect if the decisions at the tables are taken by a human behind a computer.

Responsible Gaming

PokerKing strives to ensure our players enjoy safe and fair gaming environment. We are dedicated to prevent our services being used by minors and provide maximum support to problem gamblers. Game fairness

Although there are hundreds of individual steps taken on a daily basis to ensure that the best possible environment is created, there are even more to maintain it. In the quest of delivering the quality and satisfaction that players want, PokerKing employs a combination of automated and human monitoring tools to identify and prevent any irregular play patterns or incidences of collusion between players, thus ensuring fair gaming and a pleasant during a game of poker.

Advanced algorithms have been designed by veteran poker professionals and industry experts for Example: the trigger system, which determines any such patterns. Any action related to the game, every card, hand, move, win, loss, etc. All of these parameters are recorded by the system to assist in the investigation. It never seems that others are around when they are needed but besides tools like these, there are also teams keeping an eye on the action.

Collusion players; these are one of the most unpleasant things that have happened in the game of poker. This is a form of deception, in which two or more players work together to gain an unfair advantage over other players. PokerKing employs a team of experienced developers, along with several experienced poker players utilizing a sophisticated monitoring system that automatically detects suspicious play patterns at the Poker tables.

Players using the PokerKing software can be assured that the game includes a sophisticated suite of analysis used by the Department for Security and these methods, together with trained observers / surveillance, working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to avoid dishonest players to play at our tables. Although we adhere to the principle of presumption of innocence until proven otherwise, a complex analysis of game combinations and specific behavior during the game creates the big picture and leads to correct conclusions. Depending on the severity of the overall findings, players may be asked to provide valid explanations for their suspicious behavior or, in extreme cases, we reserve the right to delete accounts of such players.

Action taken against participants in collusion and fraud.

We are doing everything possible to prevent fraud at our gaming tables, so that our players can enjoy playing PokerKing, secure in the knowledge that the game is based on absolute honesty and transparency. We adhere to strict policies and decisive handling of a player or group of players who threaten or attempt to influence the game, or impair the game in any way. Any information on known scams, colluders or others found guilty of fraud will be transferred to other online sites and, in some cases, regulatory and governmental bodies having jurisdiction over the player. We encourage any player who believes that he was the victim of fraud, in confidence to provide us with the necessary information at [email protected]. All players are just planning to start playing poker, and those who have already played, we want to ensure maximum success and fair play at our tables.