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Loyalty Program Terms

The following Royal Club Terms and Conditions are set forth in addition to those as stated in the Terms of Service.


  1. Royal Club membership is automatically assigned to all www.pokerking.com members upon participation in real money games. Participation in real money games shall be deemed to constitute your full acceptance of membership of the Royal Club and these Terms and Conditions.
  2. Membership of the PokerKing Royal Club and any benefits linked to that membership are provided at the sole discretion of www.pokerking.com.
  3. PokerKing reserves the right to, at any time, terminate or amend the Royal Club and benefits or any individual membership and benefits at its sole discretion.
  4. Membership of the Royal Club is subject to the terms, conditions and regulations of the program. www.pokerking.com reserves the right to modify, add or delete these program rules at any time with or without notice. PokerKing will, however, make a reasonable attempt to provide notice in all instances as appropriate. You are encouraged to review these general Terms and Conditions and the other Royal Club pages regularly for any possible amendments to the provisions.
  5. The Royal Club regulations will be interpreted and applied at the sole discretion of www.pokerking.com.
  6. Membership of the PokerKing Royal Club is free and available to individuals residing in jurisdictions where membership is legally allowed. www.pokerking.com may not be able to restrict access to the Royal Club in jurisdictions where participation is prohibited. It is the sole responsibility of the member to determine the legality of their access to the PokerKing Royal Club and PokerKing disclaims all responsibility in the event of access from a jurisdiction where access is prohibited.
  7. Only legally authorized individuals are eligible for membership of the Royal Club. Only the individual named in the www.pokerking.com account may play using that account. Membership of the PokerKing Royal Club by any entity other than a legally authorized individual is strictly prohibited.
  8. As membership of the PokerKing Royal Club is offered at the discretion of www.pokerking.com, PokerKing may deny membership to any applicant and any such decision to deny membership shall not be open to appeal or review.
  9. Royal Points may not be transferred, bartered, sold or traded in any way unless expressly permitted in writing by www.pokerking.com.
  10. Royal Points earned through participation in the Royal Club may not be used as real money and cannot be taken as a guarantee of good faith or means of clearing deposit bonuses.
  11. Members who chose to buy-in to land-based Events through the Royal Club program understand that PokerKing may, in some events, use their name and likeness for promotional purposes without further compensation. Members further agree to help promote www.pokerking.com and act as a PokerKing spokesperson during and after the Events, including, but not limited to, meeting with press and participating in other events conducted by PokerKing. Players must wear merchandise featuring the PokerKing logo throughout the duration of the events.
  12. Any abuse of the program or failure to follow program rules may result in the termination of membership and forfeiture of all accrued Royal Points and any outstanding purchases. ‘Flipping’ or using other predetermined play to affect Royal Club program status is considered an abuse of the program.
  13. Membership of the Royal Club is governed by the regulations set down in PokerKing’s Terms of Service.
  14. Any decisions taken by www.pokerking.com, its agents and/or staff and management relating to any aspect of the Royal Club program are final and non-negotiable.
  15. Royal Club Rewards such as bonuses for reaching a level are applicable only once for each account/category.


The definitions located in the following list shall apply where deemed appropriate:
– ‘Royal Club‘: shall refer to this and NO other Royal Club neither by name nor inferred meaning. It shall remain applicable as amended or altered by Us from on an as-needed basis;
– ‘Royalty Points‘: shall refer to the Royalty Points both earned and issued by Us as a result of wagering real money for the purpose of redemption within Our Royalty Store in conjunction with the terms subjected herein;
– ‘Inactive‘: as stated in Clause 10 (below), this term retains the exact meaning. In tandem ‘Inactivity’ shall be construed as found necessary;
– ‘Item Value‘: Refers to the maximum allowable value that we have set in conjunction with a certain item located within Our Reward Store.
– ‘Royal Store‘: Refers to a specific site location designated as Our Royalty Store for the sole purpose of exchanging/acquiring merchandise by redeeming Royalty Points;
– ‘Week‘: As referred to from any location within our Royal Club/site, strictly retains the meaning of a complete calendar week commencing on Monday at 00:00:00.00 and concluding on Sunday 23:59:59.99 (GMT).


  1. As a result of real money wagers made, you are entitled to and will earn Royalty Points as presented in detail on the Earning Points page (amended as deemed necessary) and any additional location of Our Site.
  2. Be informed Royalty Points do not retain any monetary value and are non-transferable. They are intended for proprietary use within our store.
  3. Any transactions involving Royalty Points is subject is at Our sole discretion and will abide to any restrictions contained on the relevant pages within Our Site and in accordance to the Terms of Service and to any promotions or bonuses that may in conflict. In any instance whereas these terms may be contested we reserve the right to interpret and apply such terms and conditions.
  4. As the customer you are completely liable and We shall bear zero liability for misdirected mail or other consequences directly stemming from Your negligence to do so. Failure to register completely legitimate information during registration may greatly delay delivery of goods or services in quest.
  5. The responsibility of being properly crediting your Royalty Points shall be solely yours. In the event that a Point balance is a topic of dispute, we retain the right to require verifiable documentation or proof to quickly resolve the matter.
  6. In the occasion that you become a eligible player and receive an invitation to a live event such as a tournament, any particulars referring to the actual participation of the event including the terms and conditions of entry shall be at Our sole discretion. There is no guarantee as to entitlements for any event that may or may not guarantee that such event will come to pass. Any and all liability in connection with pre-mentioned events shall be of the attendee. We are not and will not be liable for any occurrences in conjunction with these events.
  7. We reserve the right to conduct any and all monetary fund transfers by means that relives US of incurring any third party costs.
  8. We withhold the absolute right to selectively award Royalty Points, as time permits US, to the players chosen at Our discretion. Failure to adhere to these terms for service as set forth, any abuse of the Royal Club or conduct that is deemed to be disadvantageous to the wellbeing of the Company may result in the termination of Your membership and cancellation of Your participation in the Royal Club and the elimination of any accrued Royalty Points to that date.
  9. Be aware we reserve the right to entirely transform, revise, suspend or completely terminate any promotion or product line at any time for any reason with or without notice. This includes the continuation of the Royal Club, (including but not limited to: changing the way Royalty Points are accumulated, distributed, Collected and/or redeemed including by adding further restrictions on the redemption of Royalty Points).


  1. In the event the minimum total of Status Point is not maintained within the respective level, your status will revert to “Inactive” in regards to the Royal Club.
  2. If your account has reverted to the Inactive Status, you will thereby be downgraded to a lower level.
  3. In order to change the Inactive Status, during any week you must earn at least One (1) reward point.


  1. In order for Us to enable the Product Provider to fulfill your order upon redemption of Your Royalty Points towards any items located in our Royal Store, You consent to Us providing Your personal data (including but not limited to Your name, e-mail address, postal address and telephone number) to a third party supplier (‘Product Provider’).
  2. Our Royal Store contains certain items that are provided by our Product Providers. With this being said, You recognize and understand with such items that we cannot and do not accept liability in any shape or form for any claims and/or liabilities (howsoever arising) in regards to the acquired items, their delivery, or for any personal use of these items. You may have the benefit of certain legal consumer and other legal rights (and obligations) in relation to Your receipt and use of such Product Provider products (and Your Product Provider shall normally be solely responsible for provision of required information on the existence and exercise of such rights).
  3. Upon redemption of Your Royalty Points towards any products located in the Royal Store, You consent that You must allow the pertinent item “as is” and there is no inferred or implied option involving a cash alternative or exchange unless We, in Our sole discretion, make the decision to make such an offer a alternative or as an exchange (which may be less than the full value of the item). We withhold the right, as WE find necessary, to provide a replacement of any item with one or more items (except a cash alternative) of significantly comparable value. This may be done, in particular, if the geographical location makes it unreasonable or unduly costly to deliver a particular item or if our Product Provider is unable to supply the item. If it is found that you do not possess the correct amount of Points to redeem against items in the Royal Store, Your order will be cancelled.
  4. You acknowledge and concur that where the Items which We display correspond to a particular Item Value. The items in the Royal Store, the Item Value represents not the actual but a utmost sum which We (or any third party acting on Our behalf) would pay in order to obtain said item on Your behalf. Thereby You acknowledge and except the SOLE responsibility for any or all costs of that Royal Store item in excess of the Item Value should You elect to redeem Your Royalty Points against that item. For the averting of doubt, all Item Values include the cost of shipping expenses, customs taxes, exchange rate differences and miscellaneous costs which We (or any third party acting on Our behalf) will incur in providing the Royal Store Item.
  5. You hereby acknowledge that the product that was included in Your order is subject to stock availability. Should an item be temporarily out of stock or unavailable, WE will extend You the option to have the item re-ordered or we will refund the redeemed Royalty Points if the item is unavailable.
  6. Once Your order has been confirmed, Please allow up to six (6) weeks for delivery upon ordering. If you have a change of mind, remember once the order has been processed You will not be able to cancel or revise Your order.
  7. To avoid being held liable for any additional delivery charges it is recommended that You make sure to be available to receive and sign for Your order on delivery.
  8. By any unforeseeable reason Your order receives damaged due to neglect or in transit, manufacturer, improper storage or the Product Provider themselves, the Product Provider will replace that item immediately. In cases where the items are either being exchanged or refunded, within 72 hours of order cancellation being agreed Your Royalty Points will be credited to Your Player Account. In the event where consecutive failed deliveries have been reported a valuation price for the delivery will be assessed and deducted the refund for items in question. Keep in mind: Any Products or Goods damaged due to general wear and tear or Personal neglect will not be replaced or refunded.

For more information on PokerKing’s Royal Club and an explanation of how to earn Royal Points, please see the main Royal Club page or please e-mail us at [email protected]