What is Run It Twice? :: PokerKing - Play Poker Online What is Run It Twice on PokerKing?

What is Run It Twice?

You can use the new “Run It Twice” feature at the PokerKing cash tables. Run It Twice is an opportunity to play the same hand twice.

How it works:

  1. A player goes all-in
  2. The player accepting the all-in offers to deal cards twice
  3. Both players must agree to the offer
  4. The deal bank will be split in two and the community cards will be dealt twice

The boards from Run It Twice are not related to each other. Player can win both hands or lose one of them. If he wins both hands, he will take the entire pot, and if he loses one hand, he will take only half.

Thus, players can reduce their risk during large hands when they are not sure of their complete victory.

To activate the “Run It Twice” function, you need to go to the “Settings” (located in the top menu of the game client) and check the “Playing Tools” section. The options for enabling and disabling the mode are called “All-In Options”:

Run It Twice Features at PokerKing