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Hotkeys allow you to set different poker actions to certain keys or key combinations on your keyboard. For example, you can use the “F1” key on your keyboard to call all-in in a hand at the table. This is faster than moving the cursor and clicking the “All-in” button. Using hotkeys can make your game more convenient and faster, especially if you play at several tables at once.

How to set up hotkeys

To enable Hotkeys, open the “Settings” menu, select the “Hotkeys” option and move the “Use hotkeys” slider to the right.

List of actions that can be performed with hotkeys:

  • Fold
  • Check/Call
  • Bet/Raise
  • Blitz Poker: Fold and Stay
  • Move the bet size slider to the left
  • Move the bet size slider to the right
  • Bet size button 1
  • Bet size button 2
  • Bet size button 3
  • Bet size button 4
  • Bet size button 5
  • Place open tables in a cascade
  • Place open tables with tiles
  • Go to Sit Out on the next hand
  • Go to Sit Out from the next blind
  • View last hand history
  • Open hotkey menu
  • Leave the table

To set up a hotkey for one of the actions above – select the action and press the key or key combination, and then click “ok”. Now this action can be performed using the selected hotkey.

Do not assign regular letters and numbers on the keyboard as hotkeys, otherwise you may accidentally perform unnecessary actions at the table by pressing the hotkey by mistake.

As hotkeys, use the “F1, F2, F3 and similar” buttons, as well as the “A, B, C and other” keys in combination with the “Alt, Ctrl, Shift” buttons. For example, for the All-in action, you can assign the combination Ctrl + A.

Please note that PokerKing is not responsible for the misuse of hotkeys or faulty hardware.