Hotkeys are customizable keyboard shortcuts that help you streamline your play. Rather than fumbling with your mouse, you can quickly use programmable keyboard combinations or hotkeys for commonly used actions like folding, checking, calling, betting, raising, arranging tables and more.

How it works

Hotkeys give you the power to assign keyboard shortcuts for common actions. For example, you can use F1 to fold, F2 to check/call, and Control+B to bet/raise. When it’s your turn at the table, simply press the dedicated hotkey or combination on your keyboard. You’ll find this is faster than dragging your mouse cursor and clicking on the desired action, especially when you play at multiple tables. If you’re a fan of multi-tabling, you can even use hotkeys to instantly cascade and tile your tables.

You can enable and customize your hotkeys by clicking on the Settings menu. You’ll find the option under Playing Tools.

Hotkey considerations

When choosing hotkeys, you should avoid using commonly used keys such as letters or numbers by themselves. You don’t want to accidentally press one of your hotkeys when you are chatting at the tables and end up placing a huge bet in error. We highly recommend taking advantage of your available function keys or using combinations of letters in conjunction with the control key.

Poker King and WPN are not responsible for the misuse of hotkeys or malfunctioning hardware.