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How to Play Poker?

Players of all levels meet at PokerKing. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, whether you play cash games or tournaments, you’ll still find the right game for you at PokerKing.

To start the game, download the game client and register an account using your personal data. Next, you will need to verify your e-mail address and you are ready to start!

For beginner players we have free tournaments (”freerolls”) with real money prizes, as well as tables where you can play for virtual chips

If you are ready to move on to playing for real money, you will need to go to the cashier section (“Cashier”) and pass the verification. To start playing you need to verify your age.

After that, you can make a deposit using one of many different deposit options in the cashier section.

Remember, that you are also eligible to get a 100% bonus up to $2,000 on your first deposit.

Now you can start playing at Pokerking at the real money tables!


Poker lobby

the main screen of the PokerKing room

PokerKing client consists of lot more than just a game lobby with a choice of cash tables or tournaments, but also additional features. The client is divided into the following blocks:

  1. Poker Lobby — the majority of the client, which contains a selection of cash game tables, tournament schedule and other types of poker. The lobby is complemented by tabs, which allow you to switch between game types, as well as a filter located to the right.
  2. Casino — allows you to access the casino games.
  3. Rewards — section of rewards, where you will find information about current bonuses.
  4. My Account — account menu where you can edit your data, get transaction history.
  5. Announcements — section of notifications where you can find out the news about PokerKing.
  6. Help — Pokerking support service.
  7. Logout — exit the game client.
  8. Player Displays — Information about the number of players at the tables at the moment.
  9. Money in Play — the balance you are currently using at the gaming tables.
  10. Hide Tables Checkboxes — additional table display options where you can hide empty or full tables.
  11. Time and Date Display — current time of the server.
  12. Game Selection Filter — drop-down menu that allows you to select a type of poker.
  13. Tournaments Button — switch to the tournament schedule.
  14. Game Size Filter — choice between game limits.
  15. Game Betting Structure Filter — switch between NL, PL and FL game types.
  16. Play Money — a tab that allows you to switch to playing for virtual chips.
  17. Game Info — a block that displays the players at the selected table.
  18. Waiting List — a block that displays the list of players in the waiting list for the selected table.
  19. Join Waiting List — option to join the waiting list for the selected table.
  20. Cashier is the section of the room where you can see the balance, make a deposit or request a withdrawal of winnings.
  21. Join Table — transition to the game table selected in the lobby.
  22. Promo is a section of with a list of promotions.
  23. New Player — if you have just registered an account, you will be able to play at the tables for beginners, where room regulars cannot go.
PokerKing Room Cashier


In the cashier section, you will see your account balance, you can make a deposit or request a cashout of your winnings. At the checkout there is an option for P2P transfer between players.

Getting started at the Cash Table

To start playing, you must select a type of poker. The room offers a few different poker types Texas Hold’em (Hold’em), Omaha (PLO) and 7 Card Stud (Stud). Next, you need to choose the format of the game: no limit on the bet sizes (No Limit), a game with a limit on bets (Fixed Limit), a game with a limit on the size of the pot (Pot Limit).

An additional filter is the stakes (All – all tables, High – high stakes, Medium – medium stakes, Low – low limits, Micro – the smallest limits, Play Money – free chips).

Next, you can see the poker tables that match the selected criteria. You can also use additional filters (“Filters” button).

Open the table that suits you, choose the stack size you want to play with. Next, you need to wait for the cards to be dealt and you can start playing!

You can play multiple tables at the same time. Learn about it in the article “Multitabling”.

Getting started at the Tournaments

To start playing a tournament, you need to go to the “Tourney” tab, select the type of poker and the size of the buy-in.

In the tournament schedule, you can choose the tournament that suits you. Since there is a large number of tournaments on PokerKing, you can use filters (the “Filters” button).

Having found a suitable tournament, you can join it. The tournament table will open automatically according to the schedule.

Along with the game table, a separate tab will open – the tournament lobby. In it you will find additional information about the event, including: list of participants, stack sizes, average stack, prize payouts, blind structure and other information.

More information about tournaments can be found in the Knowledge Base section.