Multitabling :: PokerKing - Play Poker Online Multitabling in PokerKing online poker


Multitabling is the ability to play at multiple tables at the same time.

PokerKing allows you to play up to 24 tables simultaneously, regardless they are cash tables or tournaments.

To change the display mode, use the “View” menu in the right top of the window («eye» icon).

PokerKing game table

There are two ways to layout your tables.

Table Cascading

Tables are placed one on top of another. The active table is displayed above the rest.

Cascading Table PokerKing

Table Tiling

All tables line up to fit screen one next to the other.

Tiling Table PokerKing

There are additional functions in the “View” menu:

  • Minimum Size — narrow the table to the minimum size.
  • Default Size — set the standard size of the table.
  • Make This Size The Default — set the current table size as standard.
  • Maximum Size — expand the table to full screen
  • Apply this size to all tables — apply the size of the selected table to all other tables.

When multitabling, be sure to engage your auto-time bank option.