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Double or Nothing

When you exit a cash table or finish a tournament, you may see an offer to play our built-in game “Double Or Nothing” (doubling or nothing). The game offers you to double your winnings from this table or lose everything.

For example, when you finish a Jackpot tournament with a $100 win, you may see an offer to play. If you win, you will receive $200, and if you lose, you will receive $0.

A similar offer may appear when you lose. You can take a risk and recover the lost funds, or double the loss.

built-in game Double or Nothing

The game uses a deck of 52 cards and 2 Joker cards. You can choose the color of the card suit (red or black) and then flip over the presented card. If you guessed the color, you win. If not, you’ve lost.

The game has additional options: you can see the color of the card for a minimal fee, disable the built-in game, or simply return to the poker table.