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Slots Ride Along

The innovative format of Ride Along slots on PokerKing allows players to play and make bets together.

The 777 Slots Ride Along allow the player called the “passenger” together with other people to make bets on the streamer called here the “driver”.

If the “driver” wins anything, then all players who bet on him win as well.

How to play Ride Along

  1. Open the PokerKing client and press the red button “777 Slots Ride Along”;
  2. Choose the steamer from the list, with whom you want to “ride”;
  3. Choose the wager or select the automatic game;
  4. Press “SPIN”.

The statistics of each Ride Along playing session are saved in the client: the transaction history, the data about the latest victory, and the casino balance.

How to become a “driver” in Ride Along

Only the active streamers qualify for being the “driver” on PokerKing. To join Ride Along as a “driver” players must send the following form to [email protected]:

  1. Your first name;
  2. Your second name;
  3. Your email;
  4. The number of your subscribers (followers);
  5. Links to your social networks;
  6. Link to your Twitch channel;
  7. Link to your website.

What are the benefits for “drivers” in Ride Along?

Streamers-drivers got two substantial bonuses in Ride Along slots:

  • Percentage of “passengers” bets — the WPN network pays the streamer the flat percentage of bets of their “passengers”. The more people watching the streamer and willing to “ride” with them, the more the streamer’s income. The percentage depends on the volatility of the chosen slot and specific conditions negotiated after the application has been accepted.
  • The channel’s growth and attraction of new viewers — the Ride Along slots allow the streamers to have clips with large winnings and post them in real time. You can stimulate members of your community to share these clips in your social networks. Thus, you get a reliable way to attract new people to your channel.

FAQ for Ride Along “drivers”

— Should the “passengers” be new users on PokerKing to allow the streamer to profit off them?

No, the “passengers” can be both the newcomers or veterans of the room. While you are “driving”, you get the cut.

— Do I want my “passengers” to be losing?

No. Contrary to profit sharing deals, you earn money based on the volume of your “passengers’” betting.

— What platform should I be streaming on?

Currently we are only accepting Twitch streamers, but there are plans to include other platforms in the future.

— How to extract clips and post them to the ACR Ride Along page?

After your Ride Along “driver” application has been accepted, you will get access to the special YouTube channel “Twitch Ride Along”.

To add your content manager as a channel moderator, send us an email with their Google email address to [email protected].

Having this done, follow these instructions:

  1. Find the desired clip on Twitch;
  2. Download it using an instrument such as or directly from Twitch, then upload it to the YouTube channel “Twitch Ride Along” and then add the video to the specific playlist. We have different playlists for each content maker, or you can use the general playlist “slotstwitch”.
  3. After uploading the video, wait for about 10 minutes before the video appears on the channel.