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The Maximizer

The Maximizer is a special option for the “Jackpot Poker” game format that simplifies the process of opening poker tables.

By setting up “The Maximizer” mode, you can automatically keep up to 10 tables of your favorite Jackpots limit open. You no longer need to open the lobby and reserve seats after the table closes. You can concentrate on the game, and the system will automatically open new tables for you after closing the previous ones.

The Maximizer game mode settings at PokerKing

Setting up The Maximizer:

  1. Switch to “The Maximizer” mode in the “Jackpot Poker” section
  2. Choose your buy-in
  3. Choose your preferred buy-in
  4. Specify the maximum number of tables

By using the “Save one space for preferred stake” option you reserve at least one table space a table with your preferred stake.

After starting the game, the system will always keep the maximum number of tables of the limit you need.