Account Verification for Staking With Markup

Account Verification for Staking With Markup

At PokerKing, players have an opportunity to use staking, selling a part of their buy-in to other players, while dividing the possible prize money in proportion to the buy-in.

In this case, the share is sold without any extra markup, 1 to 1. For example, a player can sell a 10% share in a $100 tournament. The price of such a share will be $10, and if successful, the player who bought the share will receive 10% of the winnings.

If the player wants to sell his share at a premium, he needs to verify his account and agree to the display of his real name instead of a nickname. Video guide.

Example: a 10% stake in a $100 buy-in tournament might sell for $15 instead of $10 (i.e. 1.5 to 1).

After the security team from Pokerking checks the documents, the player’s status will be verified and he will be able to sell his shares at a premium.