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Fixed Limit or Limit Poker

Fixed Limit or Limit Poker on PokerKing is a format of cash games and tournaments, in which the betting sizes are predetermined. There are two types of bets:

  • Small — is bet on preflop and flop, equal to the amount of big blind;
  • Big — i bet on turn and river, equal to double the amount of big blind.

Besides the bet sizes, Fixed Limit also limits the number of raises. No more than 3 raises are allowed on each street, after which the remaining players to act can only call or fold.

The Limit cash games are displayed as, for example, $1/2, where the numbers are not representing blinds, as in No Limit games, but rather the sizes of small and big bets.

Fixed Limit cash games on PokerKing

In the PokerKing lobby among the tabs for poker variations there is a section for Limit poker.

Fixed Limit Hold’em can be found in the Hold’em tab, “FIXED LIMIT” section. There you can see the FL Hold’em games of limits from $0.02/0.04 to $40/80.

Fixed Limit Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, Stud and Stud Hi/Lo are located in the collective “Omaha&Stud” tab. There is no “FIXED LIMIT”, but the desired tables can be found by sorting the “Limit” column by alphabet.

Available limits are:

  • FL Omaha — from $0.02/0.04 to $75/150;
  • FL Omaha Hi/Lo — from $0.02/0.04 to $150/300;
  • FL 7 Stud — from $0.04/0.08 to $40/80;
  • FL 7 Stud Hi/Lo — from $0.04/0.08 to $40/80.

Fixed Limit tournaments on PokerKing

The Fixed Limit MTTs are mostly represented in the room by Stud and Stud HI-Lo with regular ones having buy-ins from $1.10 to $16.50, with even more expensive ones during some series. They can be found in the “TOURNEY” tab by selecting “Limit” in “FILTERS”.