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Tournament Tickets

Tournament tickets allow you to take part in a tournament without paying a buy-in. Tickets can be obtained through satellites, special PokerKing promotions or sweepstakes.

You can choose to pay for the entry with a tournament ticket at the time of registration for the tournament.

In this example, you can see the registration in the $5.50 tournament for a player who has 2 tournament tickets of the corresponding denomination:

using PokerKing tournament tickets

You can check which tournament tickets you have available in the “Ticket Manager” section, which is located in the “My Account” menu:

tournament tickets section at PokerKing

Please note that tournament tickets have an expiration date. If they expire, they will “burn” and cannot be used. Some tournament tickets will be limited to enter a specific tournament and will not be valid for other tournaments.

Terms and Conditions

  • If player has a tournament ticket, they player must register for the tournament using a tournament ticket, not a direct buy-in
  • If player does not have a tournament ticket, they can pay for the entry with tournament dollars instead of a direct buy-in
  • If player does not have a tournament ticket and not enough tournament dollars, he can enter the tournament by paying a buy-in
  • Tournament ticket must be used for a tournament with the same buy-in
  • A tournament ticket has no declared value, cannot be used as part of the entry fee for a more expensive tournament, and cannot be exchanged for multiple tickets of a lower value
  • Tournament ticket cannot be transferred to another player