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All-In Insurance Play It Safe

When you go all-in at the PokerKing poker tables, you have the opportunity to take advantage of the “Play It Safe” insurance. This option is designed to reduce the risk of the hand, and, accordingly, relieve stress from the game.

The offer to use insurance will appear automatically when going all-in. You can easily opt out of this option.

If you activate “Play It Safe”, you get a part of the winnings regardless of the outcome of the distribution, but you don’t have any claim to the amount remaining in the game.

an example of how Play It Safe insurance works at the PokerKing table

Insurance size calculation

The payout is calculated by the formula: Amount = (pot size – rake) * probability of winning * commission of the room.

Room commission, when using the option, is 1%.

Example: The game is played at a 0.5/1 NLH table. The pot is 100 (rake 2.5). Player has 1 pocket pair of aces and 81.95% to win the hand. Player 2 has a pair of kings and 18.05% to win. The amount of insurance offered for players: • Player 1 -> (100 – 2.5) x 81.95% x 99% = 79.10 • Player 2 -> (100 – 2.5) x 18.05% x 99% = 17.42

The option does not work for hands with a pot less than $0.01. Play It Safe can be disabled in the game client settings.

PokerKing settings, disabling Play It Safe insurance