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All-in Experience

In a no-limit game, players can go all-in at any time, which means bet their entire stack.

If an opponent or opponents call, the players are placed in an “all-in” stage, which may vary depending on the number of players and their stacks.

So, if two players are all-in, and everyone else has thrown their cards into the muck, the normal course of the hand stops. Players will see each other’s cards, as well as the odds of winning. After that, the community cards will be dealt gradually.

If a player is all-in, his bet was accepted by an opponent with a stack exceeding the bet and other players remain in the game, the hand can continue for them as usual. In this case, the all-in player no longer takes part in the distribution, but his cards will play at its (showdown) completion. Bets placed by players other than the first player’s all-in will be treated as an outside pot and will be settled separately.