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Integrity and Transparency

Integrity and transparency are our main guidelines as a gambling organizer. We believe that the activities of gambling operators should be transparent and at the same time more strictly regulated.

PokerKing operates on the basis of the gambling license of Curacao. We have chosen this license because Curacao is committed to making gambling fair and transparent to players while protecting their interests.

One of the main problems faced by most international gambling jurisdictions, that license international gambling organizations is that they compete with each other for international business. As a result, these licensing authorities are dependent on the income of the companies they license, which creates a conflict of interest.

In the absence of a regulatory environment that protects both players and operators, PokerKing is self-regulating within our organization. As a result of our experience with the New Jersey Casino Control Commission and working in the Las Vegas licensing environment, we have learned to effectively protect both the interests of the players and the interests of our organization.

The security of money in our players’ accounts is our top priority. Gambling organizations are strictly prohibited from using the funds on players’ accounts. However, a large number of gambling organizations abuse the trust of their players by using their players’ account balances as capital. PokerKing is in talks with online gaming regulators to implement a service that would stop such activity and keep players’ balances in a separate account.

Our internal complaints department handles all disputes related to our organization.

Honesty starts with transparency. PokerKing players can always contact the PokerKing management team by email or phone with questions.