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Tournaments with re-entries

Re-entry is the format of buying back into the tournament the player was busted out from. In this case, the normal tournament buy-in is paid. In most cases, re-entries are available before the end of late registration.

What’s the difference between re-entries and rebuys?

While rebuying allows players to buy chips even when there are still chips in the stack as long as it’s lower than the starting stack, the re-entry option is only offered after a player lost all their chips and therefore, their place at the table.

By making a rebuy you keep your palace at the current table and add the chips to your current stack. By making a re-entry, you are placed at the new table and are granted a starting stack.

How to know if the tournament has a re-entry option?

The information about the re-entries is usually shown in the tournament lobby of each tournament. For example, on PokerKing it’s shown in the header of a tournament, in the Re-entries line.

What are the variations of re-entries?

By availability of the re-entries are several kinds of MTTs:

Tournaments with unlimited re-entries — in these, the player can re-enter the tournament an unlimited amount of times before the end of the late registration. This is the most popular format on PokerKing — it can be found in Sit&Go, regular MTT, Sunday events such as DoubleDeuce, in series tournaments, and in flights of The Venom.

Tournaments with limited re-entries — in these, the player can re-enter only a limited number of times (first entry + N re-entries). PokerKing doesn’t have tournaments of this variation.

Tournaments with no re-entries — these are usually tournaments with rebuys, or the tournament of the Freezeout format. On PokerKing one of the flagship tournaments of this kind is the $10.50 SundaySqueeze $50K Gtd. Each flight of this tournament can be entered only once.

How to know how many re-entries were made by a player?

The PokerKing software shows the number of entries each player makes in the tournament lobby next to their nickname in the list of participants.

The number shown represents the original entry, plus the number of re-entries. Thus, if next to the player’s nickname the number 3 is shown, it means that the player made 1 entry and 2 re-entries.