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The Basics of Poker

Welcome to “PokerKing” University, by carefully mastering this course we will take you from playing with rookies to dominating poker vets. This course was uniquely designed by industry experts to sharpen the skills that it takes to be not only competitive in the gaming arena but also to gain the knowledge and insight that it takes to master the playing table.

The material compiled in this course will cover different games and tactics that you would expect to find not only in the beginning lessons but also lessons for more advanced game play. In the First part of the lesson we will cover topics such as: The Blinds Pro’s & Con’s; The Pre-Flop Being Alert; The flop Getting Started; Poker Learn it and Earn; Patience A Poker Strategy; Losing while mastering the game and having fun. Plus we will show you how these few skills can greatly increase your wins. This course will teach you how the easiest skill to gain can be done with effortless reading and detailed lessons. All of the information that you will need are within these pages. You’ll cover the gaming principles that are the foundation of every “PokerKing” that has played the game of poker.

After completing The PokerKing University, test your knowledge on our “Free to Play” poker platform. The client is an easy-to-download poker platform that offers all the most popular poker games and tournaments. The flow and game progression will give you the same experience as playing in a land-based casino.

In this course we will use some of the most common games and techniques used by today’s players to further simplify the learning process. Although there are many more variations of poker, we will utilize Texas Hold’em for the purpose of visual aids and ease of explanation. It doesn’t matter if you are preparing for the Friday night out with the guys or you have plans to become the next Poker King, our quick and easy course will help you get there. Continue reading to start your poker education.