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The Venom PKO Tournament $5M GTD

Venom PKO $2,650 tournament

The Venom PKO is the version of the flagship tournament The Venom on PokerKing with knockouts. The tournament has the $2,650 buy-in and a $5,000,000 guarantee. It runs from January 18 to February 1st, 2024.

The tournament has 4 flights which start according to the following schedule:

  • Day 1A — January 18 at 1:05 PM ET;
  • Day 1B — January 21 at 1:05 PM ET;
  • Day 1C — January 25 at 1:05 PM ET;
  • Day 1D — January 28 at 1:05 PM ET.

All of the flight have a similar structure:

  • Starting stack: 187.5 bb;
  • Starting bounty: $1,250;
  • Late registration: 18 levels, 20 min each;
  • Unlimited re-entries;
  • Flight duration: 28 levels (9 hours 20 min of play time not including breaks).

Day 2, called [Main Event] in the PokerKing lobby, starts on January 29 at 1:05 PM ET. It’s only possible to pass the qualifications to the tournament once — after successfully completing one of the flights. After that, registering to other flights becomes impossible.

Day 2 lasts 9.5 hours of play time not including the breaks, after which the remaining players will return on January 30 at 1:05 PM ET to play the Day 3.

Day 3 lasts before the final table is formed (i.e. to 8 players remaining), after which the remaining players will return on January 31 at 4:05 PM ET to play the final table.

The tournament schedule for The Venom PKO can be found in the PokerKing lobby, “Tourney” tab, sections “Venom” and “All”.

Players can qualify to The Venom PKO through satellites.

VenomFever Satellites

There are over 1,000 guaranteed seats up for grabs to the Venom PKO in VenomFever Satellites. Buy-ins are from $32 to $215 with up to 20 tickets.

There are three types of satellites:

  1. VenomFever Sat — satellites with 12-minute levels of blinds and 3-hour late registration. Starting stack 8,000 chips.
  2. VenomFever Turbo Sat — satellites with 5 minute levels of blinds and 2 hours late registration. Starting stack 25,000 chips.
  3. VenomFever Hyper Sat — satellites with 5 minute levels of blinds and 50 minutes late registration. Starting stack 2,500 chips.

Also in the name of the satellites there are special marks:

  • Euro — satellites for players from Europe (starts in the afternoon by Moscow time).
  • MEGA — satellites with 5 tickets or more GTD.
  • MONSTER — satellites with 10 tickets or more GTD.

You can find satellite schedule at Venom Fever Satellites page.

Venom Step Satellites

Step Satellites are regular Sit & Go satellites.

NameBuy-inPlayers to startGTD
Step 1$0,111510 tickets Step 2
Step 2$0,45128 tickets Step 3
Step 3$1,40107 tickets Step 4
Step 4$4106 tickets Step 5
Step 5$1285 tickets Step 6
Step 6$3284 tickets Step 7
Step 7$9563 tickets Step 8
Step 8$29042 tickets Step 9
Step 9$88052 tickets $2,650 The Venom

Some steps can be skipped through The Venom Skip. In fact, you can win a ticket in 5 steps:

Buy-in The Venom SkipGTD 
$0,252 tickets to Step 3 GTD
$1,402 tickets to Step 5 GTD
$122 tickets to Step 7 GTD
$952 tickets to Step 9 GTD
$8802 tickets to $2,650 The Venom

You can also win a ticket for $2,650 The Venom in special Cyclones Blitz step-satellites.

The information on this page is valid as of December 19th, 2023.