Venom Fever Satellites Series

Venom Fever Satellites Series

Venom Fever Satellite Series - Win a Ticket to The Venom Tournament!

How do you make the world’s biggest online tournament for US players even hotter? With Venom Fever, that’s how. It’s the fastest and easiest way into the $10 Million Venom, with MEGAs running almost daily from Friday, July 8 through Sunday, July 31 — and it starts at just $0.

That’s right, free. How, you ask? Because most MEGA satellites have a 3-step approach to them.  Kick things off by playing a freeroll satellite that guarantees 10 seats to a Super satellite.  Win one of the 10 seats in the Super Satellite and you’ll play in a target Mega Satellite to take home a $2,650 Venom seat and your ticket to life-changing cash.

We’re guaranteeing hundreds of seats to the $10 Million Venom through the Venom Fever.  Don’t miss out on yours!

You can see the Venom Fever tournament schedule in the lobby. To do this, use the “Tourney” – “Venom” tab:

Venom Fever tournament lobby