«Sit & Crush» Weekly Leaderboard :: PokerKing - Play Poker Online Sit&Crush is a weekly leaderboard for Sit&Go players on PokerKing.

«Sit & Crush» Weekly Leaderboard

Sit & Crush weekly leaderboard for Sit & Go players on PokerKing

Win up to $500 in prize money every week in the Sit & Crush.

Sit & Crush is a weekly race for Sit&Go, On Demand and Jackpots.

Heads up Sit & Go’s doesn’t qualify for this promotion.

The race starts every Saturday at 00:00 ET and runs until 23:59 ET the following Friday.

How is the prize pool of the Sit & Crush race formed?

25% of the rake amount from each tournament is contributed to the prize pool of the promotion.

For example, in $50 Jackpots:

  • $47 credited to the prize pool,
  • $3 rake.

$0,75 (of the $3 rake) is contributed to the Sit & Crush prize pool.

How are Sit & Crush points race awarded?

The player is awarded 5 points for every $1 in the prize pool of the promotion.

For example: in $50 Jackpots $47 is the prize pool, $3 is the rake.

$0,75 (of the $3 rake) is contributed to the Sit & Crush prize pool.

The player will receive $0.75 * 5 = 3.75 points.

Payouts explained

Every $3,500 in the Sit & Crush prize pool, the prize pool adds:

  • 1 prize of $500
  • 2 prizes of $250
  • 5 prizes of $125
  • 12 prizes of $50
  • The remaining $875 is transferred in a prize race

Additionally, top players of the leaderboard will be awarded a $95 Beast & SnC Monster Mega Sat Ticket. Satellite starts on Sunday at 18:05 ET.

How to find my current position on the leaderboard?

Check your progress by clicking on the “Leaderboard” logo in the poker client lobby.

The information on this page is valid as of September 15, 2022.