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Venom Cyclones Blitz Satellites

Venom Blitz Steps are a series of fast step-by-step satellites starting at $0.11 that will allow you to qualify for The Venom tournament with a buy-in of $2,650.

Venom Cyclones Blitz Steps is a series of step satellites in the Blitz-format (fast poker).

The player receives a starting stack from 1,112 to 1,719 chips (about 15BB). The goal is to reach 5,000 chips to pass for the next Step.

What are the differences between Venom Cyclones Blitz and regular satellites?

  • Venom Cyclones Steps are Blitz: level of blinds is always the same, a new hand begins immediately after fold.
  • The player can leave the table and return at any time.
  • The goal is to reach 5,000 chips. You don’t need to bust other players.

After completing all 9 steps, the player receives a ticket to The Venom.

Cyclone 19$0,111,112
Cyclone 26$0,451,465
Cyclone 36$1,401,625
Cyclone 46$41,584
Cyclone 56$121,719
Cyclone 66$321,579
Cyclone 76$951,552
Cyclone 86$2901,591
Cyclone 96$8801,604

Nuts & Bolts

  1. Get started by buying in at any level.
  2. If you win more than 5,000 chips (for example, win an all-in for 8,000 chips), you will get a ticket for the next level and remain “extra” 3,000 chips in this step.
  3. Players can use the “For The Win” feature to move to the next step by paying the difference between the buy-ins.
  4. The $2,650 Venom ticket can be used only to enter The Venom tournament. Multiple Venom tickets can be sold, transferred or used for re-entry.
  5. Tickets won in steps from 1 to 8 can be used in any tournament.

The information on this page is valid as of September 15, 2022.