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The $5M GTD Venom

The $5M GTD Venom Tournament will run in July.

Why are you so excited? Here is why:

    • $5,000,000 guaranteed prize pool tournaments
    • $2650 buy-in
    • Daily and MEGA satellites available already

Regularly scheduled satellites for the Venom run daily so don’t miss out on your opportunity to qualify for a fraction of the cost and parlay your small investment into a $1,000,000 first-place prize.


HolyCannuli9 9,641,417
Ninjazebra 6,393,919
Dogerson 5,000,883
Queota? 4,900,392
RevisCoco 4,807,411
Aldeberan90 4,514,601
mufasa11 4,683,232
AllInbox905 4,473,138
al30jo 4,419,279
fasteddy55 4,386,183


Date Gameplay Duration
Sunday, July 14th 1pm ET (12 hours of play)
Tuesday, July 16th 1pm ET (12 hours of play)
Sunday, July 21st 1pm ET (12 hours of play)
Monday, July 22nd 1pm ET (12 hours of play or down to final 8 players)
Tuesday, July 23rd (if needed) 1pm ET (Play down to the final table)
Wednesday, July 24th 5pm ET (Final Table plays until the tournament is over)




The $5M Venom: Tickets Terms & Conditions

  1. The first ticket won via Spin to Get In or satellite will be automatically registered for D1A of the $5M GTD Venom tournament on Sunday, July 14, at 1pm ET. Players will be able to unregister from Day1A start flight if they wish to play either in Day1B on July 16th, or Day 1C on July 21st. First won tickets can be only played on one of the three starting dates. Afterwards, they expire.
  2. Players who win their entry outside of late registration (on July 14th to 16th), will be registered automatically to play in the next starting flight on Day 1B.
  3. Only players with multiple tickets can sell the extra ones. Players with a primary ticket only cannot re-sell them.
  4. If a player has won multiple Venom tickets, he can resell them at whatever price he and the buyer agree upon. In that instance, both parties must email [email protected] from the email accounts they have used to register their WPN Player profiles and confirm the price they are willing to sell and purchase the ticket.
  5. If a player wants to purchase multiple entries, any extra entries should be used by the end of late registration of July 21st Venom tournament. If not used, the player must wait until the next Venom tournament.
  6. Non-Venom tickets for any other tournament will expire within a year of their date of issue. Only Venom tickets ($2500 + $150) are transferrable.
  7. The $2500 + $150 tickets to Venom are only exclusive for the same tournament and cannot be exchanged for other tickets.
  8. Players who are willing to participate in the $5M GTD Venom can only use their Winning Poker Network accounts in order to play.
  9. Players with multiple tickets across multiple Winning Poker Network accounts must contact customer service and transfer their tickets to one single account before Day 1A of the tournament.
  10. Players who fail to get in touch with customer service and have their tickets transferred into a single account will forfeit all tickets automatically when the tournament series begins, whilst their Winning Poker Network accounts will be permanently banned.
  11. It is forbidden playing the tournament with multiple accounts. All winnings will be forfeited if a player has been discovered to play with more than one Winning Poker Network account.
  12. The first-place winner of the final table must receive a minimum of $1,000,000. Deal-making is permitted.
  13. Should the first-place finisher prefer to receive their winnings via traditional payment methods, they may return the cryptocurrency and withdraw their winnings via other payment options available in the cashier.
  14. Because the tournament has been announced 6 months prior to the event, ACR reserves the right to change the terms and conditions within a reasonable timeframe prior to the event.