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Venom On Demand Step and Skip Tournaments

It doesn’t matter if you’re strapped for cash or your wallet is bursting at the seams. Anyone can get into the Venom with our On-Demand Step and Skip Tournaments!

For as little as $0, you can start climbing up the ladder directly into the $10 Million Venom.  The best part is you can begin at any of the nine levels.

There are also Skip Tournaments (start at $0.25) that allow you to jump one or more of the steps on the road to winning a $2,650 Venom seat.

TheVenom OD FreerollFreeroll50 tickets to 1/9125
TheVenom Step 1/9$0.10+$0.0110 tickets to 2/915
TheVenom Step 2/9$0.41+$0.048 tickets to 3/912
TheVenom Step 3/9$1.30+$0.107 tickets to 4/910
TheVenom Step 4/9$3.80+$0.206 tickets to 5/910
TheVenom Step 5/9$11+$15 tickets to 6/98
TheVenom Step 6/9$30+$24 tickets to 7/98
TheVenom Step 7/9$90+$53 tickets to 8/96
TheVenom Step 8/9$280+$102 tickets to 9/94
TheVenom Step 9/9$850+$302 tickets to Venom5

Also in the lobby there are tournaments that allow you to skip the previous steps and go directly to the step you need:

TheVenom Skip 1$0.23+$0.022 tickets to 3/96
TheVenom Skip 2$1.30+$0.102 tickets to 5/98
TheVenom Skip 3$11+$12 tickets to 7/98
TheVenom Skip 4$90+$52 tickets to 9/910

You can find On Demand tournaments in the poker client under the VENOM tab.  They’re available 24/7 and the action begins once the minimum number of players register:

step satellites to venom