Join the world's fastest growing online poker room PokerKing. With a new player deposit bonus, exclusive tournaments, and the industry's best loyalty program.


  • Your balance is continuously updated in real-time and you can check it at any time by clicking on ‘Cashier’ in the Poker King game lobby. Your current Royalty Points balance is displayed in the Cashier window under ‘My Account’.

    Please note: Royalty Points only expire if you do not earn any Royalty Points within one full calendar year. For instance, if you earn any Royalty Points in the year 2010, your Royalty Points will not expire that year. However, if you earn no Royalty Points in the 2011 calendar year, your Royalty Points will expire on December 31, 2011.

  • You can check your Royal Club level under the “Royal Club” section inside the main cashier window along with your current Status Points balance and Roylty Points balance.

  • Our Royal Club program has been designed to share most of the points with recreational players. At PokerKing we aim to fill a gap missing in the poker industry today: taking care of recreational players on a regular basis. It shouldn’t matter if you play one table at a time instead of ten.

    The criteria to move to the next level are much lower than any other online poker room. And when you reach the next level the following calendar month you need only half of the required points to maintain that level. Even better, if you do not maintain that level in the following month, we give you an additional 30 days grace period to ensure that you keep your achieved Crown level.

    We are sure that you will be pleased with the results.

  • In the poker industry loyalty systems are build to reward and support professional poker players.
    These are players that play on many tables simultaneously. Many of them are playing long hours
    and prey on recreational players. However, recreational players make up the vast majority of
    players online.

    Like anybody else professionals have the right to play online, and they have success with it.
    But we don’t plan to reward them for their success. Unfortunately, recreational players are often
    neglected by loyalty programs that award professional players. At PokerKing we would rather
    focus our rewards on the players who show true loyalty to our site.

  • Tourney Money is a promotional currency used for registration in various tournaments. You can receive TM only as tournament prizes, promotional bonuses or coupons.

  • You can see your current SP and RP balance by clicking on “Cashier”, under the Royal Club section and then go to Rewards Details.

  • Bonus Money is a promotional currency that is used on different ocasion, such as Special promotions, Welcome Packages and other incentives given to players. BM is converted into real money in portions of $2 for approximatelly every 135 Status Points that you earn while playing real money games and tournaments. The released $2 are transfered to player’s real money account balance straight away after earning the required amount of points.