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The $6M GTD Venom in December

The Venom is back with yet another massive pool of guaranteed rewards. After the tremendous success of the series back in July, the tournament is here with a $1M on top to make few poker players brand new millionaires. The $6M GTD Venom will begin on November 27th, at 13:00 ET. The tournament will follow its previous structure–12 hours of play for Day 1A, Day 1B, Day 1C, Day 1D and Day 2. Day 3 will have a playdown until only 8 players are left. The final table begins on December 11th, at 17:00 ET, and will continue until the tournament is over. provides the unique opportunity recreational players and lovers of poker to take part in million-paying tournaments. Playing poker can be both fun and rewarding. To continue making that possible, this series is coming with a step tournament series that will enable players from all stakes win a ticket to the Venom for a fraction of its original cost.

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Day Date Time ET
Day 1A November 27th 13:00
Day 1B December 1st 13:00
Day 1C December 4th 13:00
Day 1D December 8th 13:00
Day 2 December 9th 13:00
Day 3 December 10th 13:00
Final Table December 11th 17:00




  1. Players cannot sell their primary tickets. Only players with more than one ticket may sell the extras.
  2. Biggest Stack Option-Players can play multiple Day 1’s. Using their biggest stack won, they can continue to play Day 2. Players are allowed to use only one of the stacks. Players are not allowed to combine stacks from their multiple days of play. They will forfeit the other chips.
  3. If players have won more than one Venom tickets and they wish to sell the extras, they can do so at whatever price they and the buyer agree upon. To do this, both parties must email [email protected] from their WPN-registered emails used for their player accounts, and confirm the price agreed and their desire to sell/purchase the ticket.
  4. Players are allowed to purchase additional entries. If the extra entry (or entries) are not used by the end of late registration of the December 8th Venom tournament, players must wait until the next Venom tournament.
  5. Only $2500 + $150 Venom tickets are transferable. Tickets of any other kind for other tournament are non-transferable and will expire within 12 months of their issue date.
  6. $2500 + $150 Venom tickets can be used exclusively for the $6M GTD Venom tournament. Players are allowed to use only one Winning Poker Network account to play the tournament.
  7. Players with multiple tickets across multiple WPN player accounts must contact customer service to transfer their tickets to only account only. Transfer must happen before Day 1A of the $6M GTD Venom tournament. Day 1A starts on Wednesday, November 27th.
  8. Players who fail to get in touch with customer support to have their tickets transferred into one account will automatically forfeit all tickets when the tournament begins. All their Winning Poker Network accounts will be permanently banned.
  9. Players who have been discovered playing the $6M GTD Venom from more than one WPN account will have all their winnings forfeited. WPN permits deal-making at the final table. The first-place winner must receive a minimum of $1,200,000.
  10. PokerKing reserves its right to change the terms and conditions within a reasonable timeframe prior to the event.