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  • The full amount of the pot, including all current bets, is displayed in the middle of the table.
    As the bets are collected at the end of each betting round and converted into higher value chips, players can easily check the total amount in the pot.

  • does not support any kind of Rakeback.

  • For more information about this please check our Table Rake page.

  • If a poker table is full and you wish to wait for a seat, you can put your name on the Waiting List. When a seat becomes available, the first person on the Waiting List will have the first right of refusal for that seat.
    Alternatively, you may choose to take a seat at an empty table and wait for other players to join the game.

  • uses state-of-the-art technology to protect the integrity of our games and ensure your security throughout your use of our services. For any queries regarding our security systems, please feel free to contact our Support department.

  • You can join a game by double-clicking on the table in your screen and sit down at the table by clicking on any available seat.

    If the game you want to join is full, you can choose to wait for a free seat at the chosen table (or the first available seat at a table with the same stakes) by clicking the “join waiting list” button. You may also choose to exclude tables with a minimum number of players and your name will immediately be added to the waiting list(s).

  • You can choose the game you wish to play by clicking on the name of the game in the Games Menu. Current games available are: Texas Hold’em, 32 Card Draw, Omaha and 7 Stud Hold’em,

  • Yes. You can use the game selection filters to limit the tournaments that are displayed in your lobby by choosing the types of tournaments (i.e. full table tournaments, short-handed tournaments, heads-up tournament, satellites and private tournaments) that you want to join.