Integrity and transparency are our main objectives, especially in relation to the online gaming industry. There is a real need for clarity and firmer regulation throughout the online gambling establishment and particularly for those organizations whose current online practices are evasive and obscure.

PokerKing Enterprise is dedicated to the re-establishment of the integrity of the online poker industry. We have obtained our internet gambling license in Curacao. We specifically chose a license from Curacao because it aims to ensure that gaming is fair and transparent to the player and that players are protected under its jurisdiction. Curacao continually strives to prevent crime, corruption and money laundering in relation to gaming.

One of the major problems experienced by most of the international gambling jurisdictions which license international gambling establishments is that they are competing amongst themselves for the international business. As a result, these licensing bodies are dependent on the revenues from the companies they license, which creates a conflict of interest.

In the absence of a regulatory environment which protects both players and operators, PokerKing enforces self-regulation within our organization. As a result of our experience with the Casino Control Commission in New Jersey and through working in Las Vegas’ licensed environment, we will implement policies and procedures gathered from these jurisdictions in order to protect both our players and our organization.

Securing our players account balances is our top security priority. Regulated organizations are strictly forbidden from using the funds held in players accounts. Yet, this practice occurs throughout the industry. A large number of online gambling organizations abuse their players trust by using player balances as business capital. Poker King is in negotiation with self-appointed online gaming regulators to introduce a service which would monitor our company and ensure that player balances are covered in a separate account.

Our internal grievances department will handle all disputes related to our organization.

Integrity begins with transparency. PokerKing’s players will have full access to PokerKing’s Management Team at all times via email or telephone. The PokerKing Forum is available 24/7 to all players to share their experiences playing with PokerKing.

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