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Step Tournaments

Some good stacks of cash are waiting for you to get them!

A series of multiple satellites and step tournaments can lead you to massive prizes across multiple tournament series. You can now enroll into exclusive step tournaments for the chance of winning a seat at the legendary $6M Venom.


The STEP TOURNAMENT concept serves the purpose of a satellite tournament to a larger event. Each step tournament has a specific amount of guaranteed seats, or tickets that will decrease the original main event ticket buy-in. Each Step Tournament series has a few stages, also known as step events, that grant access to the next step, or – a direct ticket to the main event. Usually, the rules are pretty simple: top finishers will receive a ticket to the next step. 

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You’ve never been so close to the $6M Venom in July! With our STEP tourneys, you can take it slow, step-by-step and get a ticket to the grand battle in December. With our SKIP tourneys, you can skip the steps and secure your spot faster, easier and with no hassle.

SKIP tourneys are in-between satellites that enable you to move much faster. The full SKIP TOURNAMENT schedule is available within our poker client.


Players to Start

Number of Seats GTD


The Venom Skip 5 – 2 Seats GTD to Step 6/6 6 players 2 Seats to Step 6/6 $140 + $10
The Venom Skip 4 – 1 Seat GTD to Step 6/6 12 players 1 Seat to Step 6/6 $50 + $5.01
The Venom Skip 3 – 2 Seats GTD to Step 5/6 15 players 2 Seats to Step 5/6 $15 + $1.51
The Venom Skip 2 – 2 Seats GTD to Step 4/6 9 players 2 Seats to Step 4/6 $6 + $0.61
The Venom Skip 1 – 1 Seat GTD to Step 2/6 6 Players 1 Seat to Step 2/6 $0.23 + $0.02


The $6M Venom tournament July has multiple step-events. Each step has several GUARANTEED seats for the next step event. By enrolling for a step tournament, you can grant yourself a $2,500 + $150 and compete for the big reward of $1,000,000 for the first place winner!

You can start from Step 1, which is FREE and move onto the next steps, or buy-in and join the later steps to increase your chances of getting a ticket.



Number of Seats GTD

Step 1: 6x daily FREEROLLS – at 00:00, 4:00, 8:00, 12:00, 16:00, 20:00 GMT $0 (FREE) 33 seats to Step 2
Step 2: on demand tourney $6+0.61 25 Seats to Step 3
Step 3: on demand tourney $15+1.51 15 seats to Step 4
Step 4: on demand tourney $50+5.01 6 seats to Step 5
Step 5: on demand tourney $200+15.01 5 seats to Step 6
Step 6: scheduled tourney every Sunday, 4pm ET $600+30.01 5 seats to the $6M Venom


  • The first ticket won on Spin to Get In or via satellite tournament must be used for Day1A of the $6M Venom. Players will get enrolled to play on this day and cannot unregister. All satellite winners will get seated when the tourney starts. Satellite winners will be blinded out in case they do not show to play.
  • Players are not allowed to sell their primary ticket. Only players will multiple tickets can sell the extra tickets they have.
  • If a player has won multiple Venom tickets and is willing to sell them, he can do so at whatever price he and the buyer agree upon. Both parties must email [email protected] from their email accounts attached to their WPN player account and confirm the price.
  • If a player purchases additional Venom entry tickets, he is allowed to do so. If the player does not use them by the end of late registration of the July 21st Venom tourney, he muts wait until the next Venom tournament.
  • Players are allowed to use only one Winning Poker Network account to play the $6M Venom Tournament.
  • Players who have multiple tickets across multiple Winning Poker Network accounts must contact customer service to get the tickets transferred to one account only before Day1A of the tournament.
  • Players who do not get in touch with customer service to have their tickets transferred to one account will automatically forfeit all tickets when the tourney begins. All their Winning Poker Network accounts will be restricted.
  • Players detected to have played in the tournament from multiple Winning Poker Network accounts will have their winnings forfeited.
  • Deal-making at the final table is permitted. The first-place winner must receive a minimum of $1,000,000.
  • PokerKing reserves the right to change the terms and conditions within a reasonable timeframe prior to the tournament start.