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The Netherlands Made Online Gambling Legal

You can now enjoy your favorite casino games in Holland.

by Poker King|February 20/2019|views: 1274

Reported by Dutch News, around 300 companies have expressed interest in running a legal online gambling website. The country expects at least 50 to proceed further with a formal application and seal the deal. The Netherlands Senate voted in favour of the online gambling legislation. The same was approved back in 2014 by the House of Representatives.

The new regime allows operators to provide Dutch customers with secure online casino gaming and sports betting.

The new regulatory system holds several restrictions to combat gambling addiction. Players will have to provide operators with their limit, and will be reminded of the risks.

Companies will have to pay 29% in gambling taxes, one among the highest in Europe. Alongside a dedicated addiction expert is required to become a full-time employee and provide further help and consulting if any players are endangered of possible addiction.

The new legislation comes in times, when illegal online gambling has increased by 20%, reported by a recent survey.

Experts estimate the current turnover to be around €600m, having gathered a handful of online games, such as poker, roulette, sports betting and slot games.