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The 7 Books On Poker Everyone Must Read

by Poker King|January 10/2019|views: 1182

Poker is a game of skill. Although considered a family game, it is what today makes a lot of professional players known for their exceptional skills and knowledge of the game.  

Learning how to play is easy. Learning how to play it with grace takes time. We’ve compiled a short list of fine books on poker every fan should read. You will find valuable tricks, tips, and strategies to improve your gameplay, and teach you how to beat the masters at their own craft

1. The Mental Game of Poker, Jared Tendler

“The Mental Game of Poker” is covering, you guessed it – the mental aspect of the game. As he said, poker is the game that you can play perfectly and then all of a sudden lose. Again and again. The book will give you incentive and valuable techniques to improve your gameplay through his revolutionary approach. By following his step-by-step instructions, you will no longer face difficulties with common issues such as tilt, emotional control and handling variance.

2. Reading Poker Tells, Zachary Elwood

Ready to dive deep into poker’s psychology? Reading Poker Tells by Zachary Elwood will turn you into a professional poker profiler. You will find tips on how to effectively read facial expressions or body posture, verbal statements or physical gestures. The book gives an organizational framework to help you think and remember tells.

3. Elements of Poker, Tommy Angelo

Elements of Poker by Tommy Angelo gives deep insight on how to make poker profitable for you. Angelo touches on subjects most poker books don’t cover, giving practical wisdom and advise to those who are willing to learn.

4.  The Theory of Poker, David Sklansky

Often referred to as the Bible of Poker, The Theory of Poker goes through multiple theories and concepts, applicable to almost every variation of the game of poker. Bluffing, raising, implied odds and more.

5. Every Hand Revealed, Gus Hansen

If you found yourself reading articles about the best books on poker, you probably already know the name, Gus Hansen. Gustav Gus Hansen is a Dutch professional poker player, known for his aggressive style. Every Hand Revealed is a deep dive into Hansen’s own hands during one of the most iconic poker tournaments.

6. The Mathematics of Poker, Bill Chen

The Mathematics of Poker provides a quantitative analysis of how to apply mathematics while playing the game of poker. The book explores various techniques that are applicable to the gameplay.

7. Ace on the River, Barry Greenstein

Ace on the River is Greenstein’s easy to follow guide that aims to help you improve your game. He covers the fundamentals, including the psychology of poker, family issues, and money management.