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What are the types of points?

by Poker King|October 22/2018|views: 112

There are two different types of points:

  • Status Points
  • Royalty Points

Status Points
Your Royal Club Crown level is decided by the number of Status Points you acquire. These points
are then multiplied by a factor assigned to each Royal Club level.  For example, if you earn 1000 
Status Points and you are a member of the Royal Crown level your Status Points will be multiplied
by 4 and you will earn 4000 Royalty Points. In order to maintain your level you need to earn at least
half of the points you needed to achieve that level each month. For example, the Royal Crown level
costs 20,000 Status Points to achieve but only 10,000 to maintain.

Your Status Points reset on the first of each calendar month. Status Points
are used as constant counter of your play and cannot be redeemed or transferred.

Example: First month you earned 2,000 Status Points and you got membership in Silver Crown
If you earn less than 2,000 Status Points you will be dropped to Bronze Crown at the beggining of the next month.
If you earn 5,000 Status Points you will receive Gold Crown membership etc.

Royalty Points
Your Status Points earn you spending points called Royalty Points. Royalty Points may be used to
purchase products in the Royal Store or as the buy-in to selected tournaments and events.

Please note: Royalty Points only expire if you do not earn any Royalty Points within one full
calendar year.
For instance, if you earn any Royalty Points in the year 2010, your Royalty Points will not expire
that year. However, if you earn no Royalty Points in the 2011 calendar year, your Royalty Points
will expire on December 31, 2011..

For every Status Point you earn, you also earn Royalty Points based on your Royal Club level.