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Kevin Durant is out of the Warriors. All eyes are on Steph Curry

by Poker King|September 16/2019|views: 145

Warriors superstar Stephen Curry is on the brink of his third MVP. Bursting out from the fog of five straight NBA finals, Curry has positioned himself as an all-time all-star. After overcoming career-ending injuries, Stephen Curry earned his recognition after fighting with tears and blood with the rest of his teammates at the Washington State Warriors to end up 3 times NBA champion (2015, 2017, 2018), 2 times MVP (2015, 2016), and 6 times NBA All-Star (2014-2019).

Stephen Curry: A new era has begun

After the Jordan and Bryant eras got faded into dusk, Curry emerged from the ground to prove everybody perfection is possible, and he is the closest human being that resembles it.

Stephen Curry deferred his position as the team’s primary scorer, adding two more NBA championships to his resume, playing along with another superstar – Kevin Durant. Now that the latter has left the team, Curry has the chance to get his role of the undisputed leader back, striking high the odds of him getting the next MVP title.

Without Durant, the Warriors point guard led the team 73-9, scoring an average of 30.1 points per game.

Golden State has done a good job spreading even the scores of the team’s three offensive players:

  • Season 2016 – 2017: Stephen Curry – 25.3 PPG, Kevin Durant – 25.1 PPG, Klay Thompson 22.3 PPG
  • Season 2017 – 2018: Stephen Curry –  26.4 PPG, Kevin Durant – 26.4 PPG, Klay Thompson – 20 PPG
  • Season 2018 – 2019: Stephen Curry – 27.3 PPG, Kevin Durant – 26 PPG, Klay Thompson – 21.5 PPG

Season 2019 – 2020: Durant’s gone, Thompson to miss most of the season

Kevin Durant left the Golden State Warriors to join the pack of the Brooklyn Nets. Warriors CEO Joe Lacob announced N35 – Durant’s number, will no longer be issued by GSW.

Stephen Curry is at his prime. Arguable the best point guard ever, he is the engine that makes the team go. Despite his stats, experts believe he will struggle while fighting for the MVP with LeBron James, averaging 30 points per game. Despite the team he is playing for, James remain efficient, remaining a constant in the conversation.

Brooklyn Nets to shape all-star team

Once left the Warriors, Durant found his new home with the Nets. Now taking the small forward position, he will play along with fellow co-star Kyrie Irving (previously playing two seasons with the Celtics) and New York Knicks ex-first-round draft picks DeAndre Jordan

Experts put pressure on Irving, too, to lead the team to the top 6. 

Anthony Davis: competing along with Curry

Placed in a winning team, probably getting as high as 3-4th place, Davis has a real chance of shining and put himself in the MVP consideration. Experts believe he has a real chance of winning, as long as he performs as well as he has during the past few seasons. Currently a center/power forward for the Lakers, Davis is has all chances of winning the title. With a wingspan of 2.27m and just as impressive 2.08 height, he has all chances of getting this season’s trophy.