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Red Dead Redemption II Features Unique Poker Experience

by Poker King|January 14/2019|views: 1381

Red Dead Redemption II, product of the renowned American video game publisher RockStar Games, included an interactive and unique poker gameplay experience. When the player enters a local pub, he is able to enjoy a real game of poker.

What gaming and poker experts say, is that Red Dead Redemption II needs a high-stakes poker moves in order for the main character to win.

The game doesn’t have any real risk added, so the chances of losing are fairly low. In real gameplay environment, the poker player has to be aware of his opponents, their mathematical skills, emotions, and reactions to his own behavior. These factors are hard to be recreated and turned into a game simulation, which explains the low risk factor the studio has set for the poker gameplay.

Despite all that, the studio beautifully represented bits of the game, such as dealing the cards, the table “checking” of bets, and folding the cards.

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