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How many Royalty Points do I earn for each Status Point?

by Poker King|October 22/2018|views: 177

The higher your Royal Club level, the more Royalty Points you will earn for each hand played at a real money table or for taking part in tournaments with an entry fee.

The table below shows how you can reach higher Royal Club levels and how many Royalty Points you can earn at each level.

Royal Club Levels List

Royal Club Level Status Points Status Points required to maintain level Royalty Points earning factor Sample based on 1000 Status Points earned
0 0 1X 0
750 750 1.5X 1,125
3,000 3,000 2.0X 6,000
7,500 7,500 2.5X 18,500
100,000 7,000 3.5X 24,500
1,000,000 45,000 5X 225,000

DISCLAIMER: To unlock Royal or King levels, you need to earn the minimum amount of points required for that level. The highest two levels are calculated yearly (Jan 1st – Dec 31st). To sustain that level, you need to make at least 7,000 Status Points for Royal level and at least 45,000 Status points for King level on a monthly basis.  Players with the highest two levels sustain them until the end of February of next year. If they don’t make the minimum amount of Status Points for the duration of February of next year, their Royal Club Level nullifies back to Broze by the end of March of that year.

A Bronze Crown member plays in a qualified raked hand. He earns 1 Status Point and at the same time he also earns 1 Royalty Point. A Gold Crown member plays the same hand and earns 1 Status Point, but earns 2 Royalty Points (not 1) for playing this hand.

A Platinum Crown member plays in a raked cash game hand for which 2 Status Points are awarded. He earns 3 Royalty Points for each Status Point, so he would receive 6 Royalty Points for playing this hand