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When All Goes Wrong

Over time you will hear many stories and come to find out that every poker player has been there. No matters of the preparation or the skill players have gathered over time things happen. It is going to be one of those days when you know you have done everything right picked the best game and played quality hands in the proper position. Then you get flopped a set and lost to someone who caught two consecutive cards with a flush. All this time you are just wondering who it that has it in for you is.

In the realm of professional poker players, there is no time stop and analyze our own actions or situation during a streak of good luck or winning more than often. Behavior like this just would not fit the life style. But too critical would definitely rain on someone’s parade, where’s the fun in that? It gets too exciting to stack the chips and revel in the money that’s rolling in. But when we are losing, on the other hand is a completely different monster; this tends to transform the meekest of us into brooding clowns. We may spend time re-hashing out our actions of the time or the decision we made, wondering if we could have improved it. This is where the sessions begin and the psychology of the poker player begins.

Situations such as these will never have any guarantees about future losses place on them, its good to remember there is one course of action we could recommend to any player new or experienced that has been stuck on a losing streak. During the heat of the action in a game we all tend to change modes, although sometimes consciously, as a planned strategy, or sometimes we simply end up playing a completely differently game than we had started out. When you are losing, take time to breathe and consider calming down some. This is a time to put progress ahead of any impatient need to finish. This is a time to be more selective about the hands that you choose to play, a smart player will only the play best starting hands. That means you’ll be throwing away hand after hand, and it takes time and patience to do this, particularly when some of these hands could have won.

When most players hit a period of uncertainty and their Bankrolls begin to closely resemble a rollercoaster, they tend to slow down in order to attempt to grind out some wins. Calming yourself down accomplishes this, since you are not playing any of the “close call” hands that you normally would have. Be selective and try only playing the hands are more likely to be winners, this way you start to minimize the losses that occur with mediocre hands. Of course, you’re also cutting down your hourly win rate, but the trade-off is that you are less apt to find yourself on that massive wave ups and downs. This change does not mean that you will not win as much, because with patience and your due diligence it will not take too long to accomplish it.

By taking the time and steps to calm down you also prevent your opponents from giving you that proverbial shot when you are down. This story is completely different when you are winning, the image of the game just take on a vastly different look than when you’re losing. This is dangerous when you are on the losing end. After all, your opponents have watched you lose hand after hand. Once they get the notion that this will continue they will call when you bet or even raise with hands that normally lose. Now they are using that poker psychology against you. If picked up in time, this tactic can be a valuable tool in your favor and you can bluff with impunity.

In many games, especially lower limit games, players are influenced by the games that they experienced recently. It is never taken in that you may be the biggest winner in that game. If you are losing and have lost the last two times they’ve played with you, sooner or later they’re going to take that shot and not even think.

When employing the “Poker Players Psychology” ensure you have though it through because a simple deceptive tactic may not be enough to keep them aloof so have patience and make sure that you keep their image of you distorted. Now you can go back to bluffing or deceptive hands.