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Poker: Learn It and Earn

At first we all felt as though we were novice players, but everyone else probably had the same notion too when they were starting out. Without any experience in poker is the same thing except if someone has “Knack” for the game but the still had to go out and sharpen their skills to make it in the real world. Believe us, no one walks in off the street and has the complete game memorized or under their thumb.

So as you continue through this course don’t be too critical about your current skill level as a poker player because you can improve. And you will if you’re willing to learn the game and leave yourself open to suggestions. Every good poker player has been where you are now, and they’ve improved. To be sure, some accomplished their goals faster than others; some progressed by great strides, while others have taken tiny steps, one after the other, until they reached their full potential.

Sure you can do the same thing; just by joining us in this course you have shown that you do have the potential to become a poker player. If playing winning poker is important, you need to build yourself a strong foundation that will help you reach your goals as quickly as possible. Everyone who has progressed from Quarter Slot Dropper to a Professional PokerKing shares one very wise trait that they have in common. That commonality is building a rock solid support basis to give them the guidance and skills that they need to launch a career into the Poker vocation. No matter what level you are at or how far you have progressed, without a solid base and honed skills you would turn out to be just another card player. If you’re still grappling with the basics of the game, you are not yet ready to embark on the challenges that will face you in many if not all tournament or larger poker venues. Once those basics are imprinted on your mind and you can execute them instinctively, then, and only then, can you think about the next step.

When Card Sharks make plays that you consider to be of rookie level, you must take time to consider the ramifications of the play they made and the alternatives they had to play. Before jumping to conclusions; ask yourself, first: If he is that good, why did he do that? Could this guy be on tilt? Although there may be a concern, it’s more likely that he was making changing moves to practice deception. There are times and situations when even the most expert of players will mix up their distinct pattern of play to adjust their deduction of the events, players, the action at the table and even the texture of the game. Together with being observant wise poker players also need to be analytical without jumping the gun.

Players that use their minds and even throw in a little deception now and then, would not be able to pull it off unless they too have build that rock-solid base of technique and skills to fall back on. These practices make it easier to understand the art of playing poker and not just the fundamentals of learning a simple card game.

By taking the time and energy to build the mastery of the game of poker you stand to gain the assurance that you have made the correct decision to embark on a career as a poker player. Although over the years you will encounter many periods of ridiculous game-play, rookie mistakes and plain bozo decisions. But in this case you have your own support system, a solid base and the tactical skills behind you to enhance any endeavor you may embark on. These are the skills that you will gain by taking the time and using the energy to learn the basics and take advantage of the essentials employed in the game of poker. Moving past the absolute basics of the game of poker, should leave you with some of the tools needed to continue onto the second part of our course.