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The minimum amount of money required by a player to sit down in a particular poker game.


Also known as the dealer button, it is a small round disk that is moved from player to player in a clockwise direction following each hand, to theoretically indicate the dealer of each hand.


A pair of Aces.

Bottom Pair

When a player uses the lowest card on the flop to make a pair with one of his own cards.


The cards that are dealt face-up in a poker game for all players to see. In Texas Poker, five cards are dealt face-up in the center of the table.


To make other players believe that one has a better hand than he/she might otherwise have, by betting or raising.

Blind Raise

When a player raises without looking at his hand.


The bet(s) that must be made by the two players sitting directly to the dealer’s left which will start the action on the first round of betting. The blinds are posted before any cards are dealt (A ‘Blind’ bet is one that is made without looking at your cards).

Big Slick

A hand that contains an A-K.

Big Blind

A designated amount that is placed by the player sitting in the second position, clockwise from the dealer, before any cards are dealt (Players joining a game in progress must post a Big Blind, but may do so from any position).

Bet the Pot

When a player bets the amount of the pot.

Bet Odds

The odds you get as a result of evaluating the number of callers to a raise.


To place chips into the pot.


The amount of money you have.


A re-raise from a player who originally called.


Catching both the turn and river card to make a drawing hand. For instance, suppose you have Ah-10h. The flop comes Kd-6c-5h. You bet and are called. The turn is the Jh, which everybody checks, and then the river is the Qh. You’ve made a “backdoor” nut flush.

Bad Beat

When a hand is beaten by a lucky draw.