Table re-sizing

Foremost among the new features available to PokerKing players is the ability to change the size of the table. To resize a table, simply click-and-drag the edge of the table as you would any other window on your screen. The maximum size of the table is 1.6 times the size of the “default” or “native” size of that theme. The smallest size available is dictated by the limitations of the graphics (chips, cards, player names) to remain readable. (i.e. Stud tables can be made smaller, but not quite as small as Holdem tables). Most players should find that they can have four tables on their screen simultaneously with no overlap.

Tile Tables

Selecting this feature will automatically tile all open tables at the maximum possible size without any overlap. (Note: it is possible to have overlap using this feature if there are more tables open than your monitor can support without overlap.)

Cascade Tables

This menu item will cascade all open tables at an offset equivalent to the Windows title bar (usually 32 pixels). While on a table simply click on the ‘View’ button located at the top left of the screen and customize it to your desirable standard.