Unfair Advantage Policy

Third Party Tools and Services

At PokerKing we are dedicated to providing and maintaining all possible measures and recourses, immediately to prevent and to eliminate any possibilities of anything that could diminish the integrity and entertainment that you receive while you are utilizing the site, or causes another player or user to gain any means of misappropriated advantage during your game-play against them.
To this resolve, we prohibit unauthorized alterations or tampering to the PokerKing game client that provides an unbalanced advantage to any player including but not limited to (the use of certain types of online poker-related programs or applications). This is to assure that each and every customer retains their protection and the integrity of our systems.

Can you explain unfair practices?

Unfair practices/Unauthorized practices include but not limited to:  the use of BOTs, AI, multiple account usage, one that counter acts the Terms of Service Agreement or is a collaboration with other players that may result in providing an unfair or unbalanced outcome and is perpetrated  by one or more players, with singular or multiple accounts that places any other player not participating in such deceptive activity at a unsportsmanlike position where the unethical activity is due to its success of being centered around a hidden or camouflaged agenda against other players. To no end if considered by a measured group of competent peers, to be an advancement of ones ability when given full account of the practice in question,  would overwhelmingly view this practice to be unfair.

Examples of practices deemed to be Unsportsmanlike (please note; these include but not limited to):

1.  Multiple Accounts:

A player having multiple accounts, whether in one name or multiple names, for the sole purpose of utilizing more than one account at a time, no matter if it is the same table or not. As agreed under our Terms of Service this type of activity is strictly prohibited under any circumstances.

2.  Collusion:

Multiple players using or pooling their combined knowledge to mislead other players at any table for the sole purpose of gaining an unfair advantage.

3.  Manipulation of Rankings:

Players utilizing unethical means to misrepresent their rank at artificial levels by intentionally losing games at lower staked tables.

4.  Misappropriation of Player Profiles:

Use or introduction of software designed for the sole purpose of searching, extracting and gathering of players profiles or the implementation of players databases in order to create or provide an unfair advantage towards any player within the PokerKing registration. The act will not be tolerated
Programs such as these are largely based the combined hand histories of players and are collected by the use of one or more of the following means: Screen-Scraping, Reading Dealer Chat, and last by not least by the illegal intrusion of an individual’s computer and extraction of a players hand history.

Deployment of “BOTS”:

The usage of “Bots” that have been intentionally designed or purchased for the sole purpose of using artificial means to play games against actual players, to avoid detection and conceal said action from PokerKing or other active site users is strictly prohibited. The pre-mentioned software is sold by promising potential buyers an illegal advantage.

Do you discourage all online programs?

No we don’t. Our main goal is to promote and provide a competitive gaming venue that offers fair and equal playing field while also providing the highest possible level of user satisfaction to each and every one of our players
How do you distinguish between Forbidden and Permitted categories of programs? Isn’t it true that many of these programs are for training, e.g. improving gaming skills?
The key issue here is advantage, it is the “Unfair” advantage that utilizes and promotes deception that we forbid. Individual programs that offer a skill based advantage are not what we are targeting. A certain amount of the programs that promote deceptive practices are also a means lead to data theft and/or an invasion of privacy.
Our stance to weigh the merit of particular software or programs is not based on the content or the advantage aspect but narrowing down on such program that create a clearly unfair scenario for those who are not using such means.

The key factor in defining the classes of programs that we feel are unacceptable for use weighs solely on the adherence to the compliance of our Customers privacy and any deceptive means to violate it.
For Example: If there is any possibility that a program or application could cause any degradation of our players confidence in the integrity of PokerKing , the service we provide or the fairness of the gaming platform the program will be eliminated.  Just to reiterate our point, we will not compromise our customers privacy nor allow any deceptive activity to occur..
As an alternative in this matter we have elected to eliminate the usage of unscrupulous programs that are advertised and promoted as giving an unfair advantage to a few rather than tolerate the concealment and unethical behavior of those wishing to do so. These programs use deceptive means that violate individual right to receive what they have contracted for and stand the risk of data theft not to mention the theft of legally protected material that falls under International Copyright Protection and Privacy laws as well.
With enough said if these companies did not provide the functionalities to create such a hostile or overt actions, they would not be judged so harshly may have been labeled differently.

What measures have you taken to prevent BOTS?

The steps that we have taken can be categorized in three unique ways: Simply by employing measures to detect and to identify; By actively addressing violators with warnings and suspensions; and additional measures through enlarged customer choice.
At the present time our safeguards for identification and detection purposes are in place and fully functioning. These steps once implemented have undergone continuous testing and improvements to heighten the precision of accuracy of BOT detection. These steps are a vital part of our on-going improvement efforts that continues to maintain customer satisfaction
Presently there are numerous programs and websites that have been identified and permanently blocked by our system.
Upon identification any player using programs that are present on the forbidden list will be notified of this violation along with a detailed explanation of the course of actions to be forth coming unless unauthorized activity ceases to occur and to what extent of actions will be. In the event activities continue we will be prepared to both suspend and confiscate the affected account and funds in question without further notice.

Do the efforts include “data mining” or other means to access/read files on my computer as part of these efforts?

Yes it does. Of course, we want our service to be transparent as to the exact data that we are looking for together with an explanation of why it is of importance. Maybe the clearest and best known example of “Data-mining” is similar to the activities Google, Yahoo and AOL conducts to gather user specific data for commercial purposes (such as sales of user profiles for advertisement). For a better understanding of our process,  we utilize automated software that specifically detects and reports any processes and programs that are at the time operating, for identification and comparison purposes for prohibited software that may conflict with our policy. Our process neither scans your hard drive nor creates screen shots of and part of your computer. The data provided by this function is extremely limited to information pertaining to actions taking place while at our tables. This usage is explicitly used for prohibited software usage.
This harmless function is an extremely important means deployed as a counter-measure the unauthorized usage of BOTS and the abuses they cause. For further information concerning our general policy and our regard to data processing please visit our Terms of Service.

Unfair Practices and their Consequences:

We at our sole discretion determine whether an unfair practice has transpired (if an advantage has taken place or not) and whether one or all of those involve will be held responsible to serve one or all or the following consequences:

  • Official notification of cessation of unfair practices
  • Suspension upon investigation of the violating account for unfair practices
  • Termination of violating account indefinitely and the forfeiture of all account funds as per our Terms of Service policy:

What is this all about?

As the popularity of playing poker online has gained momentum, developers or those with the ability introduced web services and tools to alter or enhance their online game-play. For the most part we are happy our players use some of these, but there a few that take these resources to the wrong extreme and abuse them.
Among the numerous ways of improving a players skills and make their games more enjoyable, such as online game tips, extended play time or every play money games. These techniques are clearly more above the board and practical then attempting to use tactics to unfairly gain the advantage. To carry it a bit further some of these unorthodox methods go as far as to promote collusion and sharing information which is illegally gotten. This is nothing less than cheating and it will not be tolerated.
Although the previous examples were at opposite ends of the spectrum there are many tools and shortcuts in the middle that we feel are means to cheat other players. As example: considering the sizes of the data bases that we have in service and given one player offers access to these or even duplicates information that is maintained there. This is giving an unfair advantage to a player that has never challenged these players at a table.
No matter what is done there will be someone with more insight that will want to interpret the meaning behind what is appropriate or where the fine line lays between using intelligent shortcuts and cheating. We hereby make it clear that our stance is developed from what we consider a fair compromise between a fair advantage and the prohibited advantages.

How did this start?

Our actions are largely based on the amount of e-mails from players we have received concerning this topic. There are many that actually asked to get clarity on the subject but there are some that check to see if we are looking for them for whatever reason. So in order address the issue directly we have established a policy to clearly draw the proverbial boundaries of what is acceptable and what is not acceptable as far as these programs and methods. These practices have been thoroughly discussed with experts both from the industry and outside of the industry.

What kind of tools and services are acceptable?

After discussion we have concluded that the following are the types of tools and programs are acceptable:

The following types of tools and services are generally acceptable:

  1. Tools, Charts, and services that provide odds and recommendations for starting hands
  2. Tools and services that profile your opponent through your actual game-play.
  3. Macros and programs that do not have bearing on game-play logic. And these cannot be able to create auto folders nor automated actions.
  4. Analytical tools to analyze your game without any direct actions.

Is this an issue?

Think about this situation: at one table there are five other players and yourself sharing a data base program, each player is able to see the others hand (except you). Is this a fair table? Would you continue at that table? What are examples of tools and services that are acceptable?

A few of the tools and services we find acceptable are:
Auto HandPoster Poker Shortcuts
BlazingStars^Blazing Starz Poker Sleuth
Calculatem and Calculatem Pro Poker Sniffer
Coach Rounder Poker Stove
DoN Indicator Poker Vitals
DonkeyTracker Poker Weapon
Draw Poker Source Poker Wingman
FlopZilla PokerAce HUD
FlopZoom PokerDebugger
FPP Pro Plus PokerEval (Registered Version Only)
FreePokerDB (aka FPDB) Pokerface
Gam Poker Analyzer PokerGrapher
GameTime+ PokerHands
Hold’em Cockpit PokerObserver HUD
Holdem Genius Poker-Spy
Holdem Helpem PokerStat
Holdem Indicator PokerStrategy Elephant
Holdem Manager (including Table Scanner) PokerStrategy Equilator
Hold’em Manager 2 (including Hold’em Manager Sync) PokerStrategy SideKick
Holdem Partner PokerStrategy Equilab
Hold’em Profiler (including Super HUD) PokerTableStats
Holdem Ranger (including RealTime HUD) PokerTracker (including TableTracker)
HoldemLuck Pot Odd Rechner
Holy Grail of Poker PPA Poker Calculator
iToldem ProPokerTools Odds Oracle
KayTeEmPro’s Odds Calculator PS Hand Watcher
LobbyHunter PS Mate
LongHUD RankExplorer
MagicHoldem Sharktoolz Bankroll Manager
NoteCaddy Sharktoolz Poker-Reader
NotesNL Sharkystrator
Official Poker Rankings SitnGo Wizard (version and newer)
Omaha Brain SmartBuddy
Omaha Indicator StackAndTile
Omaha Poker Coach Slice
OpenTool Star Tracker
Perfect Reads StoxPoker Combo
PH_Stars Stud Indicator
PlaceMint Table of Interest
PlayerGPS Table Shark
PlayerPeek TableDroid
Poker Academy Prospector  
Poker Buddy Poker Butler
Poker Butler Telescope by SpadeIt
Poker Calculator Pro by PokerProLabs Texas Calculatem
Poker Copilot Texas Hold’em Hands v2.0
Poker EV ThePokerDB
Poker Evolver TiltBreaker
Poker Indicator Tournament Indicator
Poker Office Tournament Shark
Poker Potjie Tournament Updater
Poker Pro Labs (including Super HUD) Tourney Manager
Poker Sharpener WPN Tools Lite 

In general, what types of tools and services are prohibited?

The types of tools and services that are prohibited:

  1. Any software that uses collusion or sharing between is prohibited.
  2. Any software that creates or duplicates or shares with a central data base of players files.
  3. Any software that uses a BOT or reduces the human requirement for game interaction of a human or that may create an Auto-Folder, seating script etc. Seating scripts that automatically seat players at tables within the Poker Lobby are permittable only if they select based on availability of seat, and not based on any statistical or analytical information gathered on opponents.
  4. The process of data mining to create data bases for hands or the act of observing to create such data base.
  5. Any software that suggests or takes action for direct game play.

Can you give examples of tools and services which are prohibited?

The following are examples of tools and services which are prohibited at all times:
Advanced Poker Calculator Poker Crusher
CardAnalyzer Poker Edge
FullAutoHoldem Poker Inspector a.k.a. Online Poker Inspector
Gambot Poker Mate
Hand HQ Poker Prophecy
HH Repository Poker Sherlock
HHCollector Poker Sidekick
HHdealer Poker Table Manager
hhSmithey Poker Usher
HighStakesDB POKERobot
Hold’em Watcher Preflop Autofolder
Holdem Hawk Preflop Poker Bot
Holdem Inspector a.k.a. Online Holdem Inspector RatingViewer
Holdem Pirate Seeker
Holdem Spy Sense Mind
ICM-Bot SharkMate
iHH Harvester Sit And Go Shark
Mandraker Sit n’ Go Brain
MyPokerIntel Sixth Sense
NoLimitFoldem SmartCollector a.k.a. Mixed Harvesters
Online Omaha High Inspector SpadeEye
Online Poker Bot Stars Hand History (SHH)
Online Tournament Inspector StarSpy
Open Holdem Bot StatsForPoker
OPI Wizard Stud Inspector v1
Paragon Poker Pal Table Ratings aka Poker Table Ratings
Poker Android Texas Auto Fold
Poker Bloodhound WinHoldem
Poker Bot+  WPN Tools

Can you mention the tool and any services that legitimate for analytical purposes but not allowed for use during game-play? Also there are web-based databases for result inquires, that are O.K. to find a players personal results. But once again, these software programs are not authorized while the PokerKing program is being used. Which are they?

The following tools and services are allowed to be used are:
CardRunners EV calculator PokerStrategy ICM Trainer
Crushing-HUSNG’s 3Bet-Tool PokerZion No-limit Advisor
Holdem Advantage Push Bot Poker
Holdem Radar PushPot
ICM Poker SAGE Decision Calculator
Insight Poker Hound SharkScope (including SharkScope HUD)
Limit Hold’em Pre-flop Hand Advisor by Intellipoker Short Stacking Strategy Calculator
Poker Player Database Sit n’Go End Game Tools
PokerAnalytics SitnGo Wizard (v1.0.1.162 and older)
Pokerazor SNG Power Tools
Pokerbility Spade ICM
PokerKant STT Analyzer by PokerSoftware Tools

What if I op-out on tracking services offered?

With the majority of the tools mentioned above, the option of denying to be tracked or displayed to other users of that tool is provided. Although we may advise you, the individual software maker utilizes their own opt-out procedure. Your best option is to verify these procedures with the individual companies themselves.

There are two lists of prohibited tools mentioned? Why is that?

On the first listing, these are prohibited at all times and should not be loaded or installed on your computer that hosts the PokerKing Client. Be aware that PokerKing actively scans and detects these tools and if found will take punitive measures towards the player(s) who uses them.

The second listings are those services that are prohibited from use in conjunction with the PokerKing Client at any time. Although we do acknowledge the fact that those listed do have legitimate purposes for analytical use for statistics or results, but it is of our opinion that they in fact step over the acceptable line for use during active game-play. Again these programs are being scanned for detection actively and if found in use warning will be issued. PokerKing offers to work with the developers of such tools to assist them in compliance with the policies we have set forth.

There’s a tool / service I like, but it’s not on these lists. What do I do?

Please send an email to [email protected] with all the detailed information about any tool or service in question and our team will be more than happy to assist with compliance or permission. Please be sure to include the URL and all possible information you have to assure a fast and thorough reply.

Are all of the programs on the permitted list safe to use?

At PokerKing, we neither endorse nor support any program that may or may not be listed on the permitted list, nor can we offer any advice or guarantees on the operational functionality of any software or application outside of the original PokerKing Client.

Are the above lists subject to change?

Yes. During the continuous process of enhancing the game-play for our players PokerKing continues to investigate and evaluate tools and services that are newly introduced. Our enhancement practice also includes periodic evaluation of all software that is listed within our policies or listed as prohibited. These lists are subject to change without notice due to the re-examination that has been conducted. PokerKing assumes no liability to provide personal notification in the event of a software or application’s reclassification. This process is solely the responsibility of the players to verify the current status of the permitted and non-permitted listings

May I use permitted tools to record information about players from hands that I am not playing?

No, the only histories that you may collect are those in which you are an active participant.

What steps are taken to prevent players from using prohibited tools and services?

As previously mentioned PokerKing is continuously using detection tools and methods to scan for players or observer using these methods. In the event that the detection is made that player(s) will be alerted and requested to cease. Once compliance is made things return to normal, if not we will immediately deactivate the PokerKing client on their computer.

Are you going to look for anything else on players’ computers?

Most certainly not, our sole purpose is to provide safe and entertaining service for each of our services. Negative or unwarranted services provide a bad and distorted vision toward PokerKing and thereby jeopardize our integrity

Can PokerKing see my browsing history, documents, or other private information on my computer?

No, PokerKing considers our players privacy highly confidential and always maintains the laws in regards to the Data Protection Laws regardless of location. We do neither gather nor amass any identifiable personal information with the exemption of the data that is provided to us by the player for purposes of registration and verification. It is not feasible that a PokerKing staff member would extract or read private data from your computer. For further information please refer to our Terms of Service.

Some prohibited programs listed are web sites, especially those dealing with data mining. What steps do you take to stop their use?

We believe that the action taken against services such as these must be eliminated at the onset. This belief has led us to the continual improvements that are being made to eradicate the use of Data mining software. In addition PokerKing reserves the legal right to proceed with judicial action against those who cause a malicious breach and violate our set Terms of Service.

Can PokerKing make changes to my files?

PokerKing reserves the right at our sole discretion to deactivate the PokerKing Client on any of our customer’s computer or require upgrades to the client program. With that being said, it is not possible for a PokerKing staff member to change, modify, send or extract any file remotely that may be located on a players computer.

How do you confiscate the account funds of somebody running tools or services?

Although PokerKing does reserve the right, an action such as this is not conducted without taking the ramifications in consideration. This is a decision that does not happen lightly. We believe that knowledge is the first step, so we try to educate the players on these consequences before acting hastily. In the event that a consistent pattern of using these tools has formed or a player attempts to bypass our detection methods, these funds will be confiscated.