Player 2 Player Transfer

Having trouble making a deposit? Why not let a friend help you out? PokerKing has one of the most efficient player to player (P2P) transfer systems in the industry that allows friends to send and receive money within minutes!

PokerKing players may transfer funds between themselves. Each transfer is first verified by PokerKing Security department and approved accordingly. The transfer requirements are:

  • Transferring player must have a verified real money account or to be a depositing
  • Free money awarded to non-depositing players is not transferrable
  • Verified account is the account that has submitted to scanned copies of the documents and account has been verified by PokerKing Security Department
  • If recipient of the funds is a player that does not have deposit history he/she must verify the account before receiving the funds
  • Minimum transfer is $1
  • Daily maximum is $100
  • Weekly maximum is $250
  • Monthly maximum is $1.000
  • Special request can be handled by emailing our Payments and Finance Department at [email protected]

It’s as simple as that! After the transfer request is submitted, our security team will review and process the transfer in minutes!

The approval process may take from 15 minutes to up to 24 hours.

PokerKing is not responsible for settlement agreements made between players for transferred funds. Please make sure you know and trust the individual who you are sending/receiving money from.

All P2P transferred funds are meant to be used for PokerKing gameplay. Conditions and minimum play requirements may apply in order for a customer to withdraw transferred funds.

Tell your friend(s), this is how to make the transfer: