Cash-out policy’s commitment to making sure that your funds are safe is absolute. To assure the security of all money held in trust by us, we store our members’ account funds in a separate bank account. We are in discussions with a number of organizations on how to make this process transparent to ensure that our customer’s funds are safe with us. And that no matter the circumstance our customer’s funds will be protected and returned if necessary. We are committed to providing our customers an acceptable solution by the end of March. As soon as we have a definite solution we will publish it on our website.

It is our goal to provide the best service possible and provide you with expedient cash-outs. On this page you will be able to find cash-out expectations for each method we offer.

When you cash-out, your transaction will be completed via the payment method(s) with which you have deposited money into your account when the option is available.

For practical purposes and to ensure that you receive the most value for money (i.e. do not lose a large sum due to applicable fees), we will process your cash-out transactions via the appropriate payment method(s) as follows:

Any cash-out transactions made via your account will be conducted using the oldest (i.e. first used), active deposit method linked to your account with credit card transactions taking precedence. In this case, we take ‘active’ to mean that the method is still linked to your account.

For more information about our cash-out policy please contact PokerKing Support at [email protected] with your inquiries