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Israeli Supreme Court: Poker Is a Game of Skill

by Poker King|January 9/2019|views: 1309

The game of poker has been under the radar for a long time. Prohibited in many jurisdictions, it has seen a glimpse of light for the Israeli audience. The main argument whether poker should be a prohibited game is that it has an outcome that depends on chance more than it depends on the understanding of the game or the ability to play by the rules.

Proposed by Likud MK Sharren Haskel, there is a bill of making online poker tournaments legal within the Israeli jurisdiction, following the event of Supreme Court’s conclusion that the card game requires skills, not luck. That proposal is still to be transformed into a law, but seems like the chances are high.

Gambling Legalization Attempts

Supreme Court’s recent decision is not the first attempt to legalize gambling in the country. Few years back, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was reportedly considering into developing a casino in Eilat. The location is out of Israeli territory. Israeli gambling is a far more complex. Whilst poker is prohibited, Israeli has legalized sports betting and lottery games. Both belong to the gambling activities list.  

As of today, Israelis who would like to enjoy the game of poker, have an alternative to consider if they want to play legally: travel to countries, where poker is not prohibited.

2019 might be the year when poker is to become legal on Israeli soil. Only time will tell.