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The founder of Cirque du Soleil has been arrested in French Polynesia

by Poker King|November 18/2019|views: 176

Billionaire Guy Laliberte has been arrested for growing marijuana on his private island. 60-year-old Laliberte turned himself on Tuesday, expecting further questioning.

Guy Laliberte is known for his philanthropic work and love of poker. The latter combined with his ability to give and raise awareness, resulted in “One Drop” – charity poker tournaments. “One Drop” focused on raising awareness on water-related matters in third world countries.  Laliberte is known for losing $31 million while playing just for fun.

Police authorities arrested another man on drug charges last week. Policemen found evidence on Laliberte’s involvement with marijuana growing through a photo on the phone of the detained man.

Last week, an official statement issued by his company was published, confirming he has been detained in Tahiti, and there is an ongoing investigation “for alleged complicity in cultivation, possession and use of cannabis.” The statement described Guy Laliberte as a “medical cannabis user”, only growing marijuana for his personal medical needs.

Laliberte has been released on Wednesday. No charges of crime were pressed.


Guy Laliberte got caught using multiple accounts with impunity at Full Tilt. Some of them he used at the same time. Multi-accounting is strictly forbidden and against the website’s Terms and Conditions. Full Tillt turned a blind-eye, because Laliberte was the reason their $500/$1000 NL tables at Rail Heaven gained interested and started attracting more players, bigger pots and excellent gameplay for the audience to witness.


First there was noataima. Appearing in search on October 17, 2006 and last seen in April, 2008, noataima was his biggest losing account totaling over $7 million in loses.

Patatino was his second account registered with Full Tilt, showing $6 million in loses between 2007 and 2009.

Third on the line of accusations was lady marmelade – a Full Tilt account, associated with Guy Laliberte. First seen in 2008, the account was active for little under than a year. This account calculated loses totaling $6,632,177.

Used for playing close to 19 thousand hands, and losing about $4 million, elmariachimacho was Laliberte’s least used account.

There are two more accounts associated with Laliberte, completing the estimation of $31 million in losing on poker to players without including his charity tournament work.