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Where's legal to play poker online?

by Poker King|April 3/2019|views: 1097

Online gambling has a different status in different states across America, and countries across the globe. Any real money gaming activities as considered a violation of the Federal Wire Act by the U.S. Department of Justice. This resulted from the Bush administration.

The United States of America are legalizing online gambling across the country, taking it slow–state by state. As of today, the State of Nevada operates with no state lottery, while California has its online wagering pari-mutuel horse betting. The country needs a centralized online gambling regulation policy and seems like experts are working towards achieving this goal.

To compare, U.S. Australia banned casino-themed games online back in 2001. In 2016 only licensed venues were not prohibited from delivering online poker games.

A third position–South Africa’s legal framework prohibited casino games and poker, opening the doors to the grey market and illegal activities that are done in secret, only allowing online sports book betting.

Asia’s regulatory framework is also controversial. Eurasia has no bans on online gaming, except for Russia. Japan still holds the gambling ban strong, only allowing betting activities in certain venues, while China continues to maintain gambling operations in Macau.

With the boom of mobile applications, online gambling is now easier to access. Users can carry an entire poker room or casino in their pockets, enjoying their favorite real money games while commuting to work or relaxing at home. The betting industry is expected to grow further and at a much faster pace because of the favorable regulatory environment. The rising disposable income of consumers aids to the increasing revenues of the online betting market.

While dominating the market in 2016, Europe valuated the gambling industry $16.42 billion. Legalizing online betting in multiple European countries, such that are quicker to adopt more and newer technologies.