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SmileDirectClub goes public. Green to make forty times his initial investment

by Poker King|September 16/2019|views: 223

Draymond Green is all smiles these past few weeks. After signing a record-breaking four-year $100 million max extension with the Golden State Warriors on August 3, he is showing off pearly white teeth – compliments of SmileDirectClub. 

SmileDirectClub went public on September 12, with a valuation of $9 billion, or IPO at $23 per share. Calculating towards Draymond’s initial investment 4 years ago, he will earn an additional 40 times more of what he put in.

“It was a product I loved and used firsthand, so when an opportunity came to invest, it was a no-brainer for me because I knew it would be successful because I had success using it. We’re all looking for that investment of 20x, 30x and it’s so rare to do. Up until that point in my life, Smile Direct Club was the biggest investment I ever made and the first or second investment I made. For that to be so successful is like a dream come true.”


Green has a history with teeth products. When he first arrived at Michigan State University, he was already being using a retainer. After it broke, his bottom teeth began shifting. He started seeking alternatives to fix his teeth, whilst trying to avoid braces. As advised by CEO of Relevant Sports Group – Daniel Sillman, Green dove into SmileDirectClub both by becoming a customer, and an investor. The invisible liner business, founded by Alex Fenkell and Jordan Katzman, are both expected to become billionaires now that the company has gone public.

“Not every day do you get a 40x; that’s not normal,” Green said. “To know that it’s performing that way is a good feeling. I’ll get a little bragging rights with this one (among my teammates). It’s a very dear thing to me because I feel I’ve been a part of this pretty much from the beginning. To see it grow the way it has is special.”

The 29-year-old basketball superstar is no stranger to investment. Green understands the importance of diversifying one’s portfolio, having considered the average duration of an NBA star career, lasting about 5 years. 


“I’m 29 and my goal is to be a billionaire. I don’t have time to enjoy it yet. My goal now is what’s the next win and how do I figure that out? You’re just always figuring out what’s next and keeping eyes ahead while appreciating the wins you get. I look at it like basketball: you win, you celebrate that win and it’s on to that next game.”