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My Account

  • No. All players may create only one account and it is not permitted to close your account and open another one.
    Once an account has been created, your User id cannot be changed, so please choose carefully.

  • To view your hand history, you should press ‘my account’ section on the top left corner of client and then choose ‘view hand history’.

    By clicking on the tab button, you can either view ‘Games’ or ‘Tournaments.’ After you have selected ‘Games,’ the dropdown menu gives you the option to review all games, all games of the last week, the last month or choose a specific game.

    If you choose a game, you will see comprehensive information for the game in the window below. You will have the start date and time of the game, unique game ID, summary of the game, finish date and time of the game. It’s useful to check what you have learnt so far and revise your poker strategy by replaying a hand. Hand History is locally stored on the computer that you are playing for a maximum period of 30 days.

    By pressing ‘replay a hand’, you will have a full screen view of the table, just push ‘play’ button to get it started. Note that you can easily pause the game to see what every move was or go back a little bit to identify the proper step, or simply adjust the speed of the game and customize it to your own pace.

    ‘Load hand’ image is clickable, so don’t hesitate to press it. We guarantee that you will be delighted with our re-player system. It allows you to watch video of your old hands and filter your hands by date and time. Watching your hands is now as convenient as playing a DVD and can be as enjoyable as watching your favourite movie!

  • There are two different types of points:

    • Status Points
    • Royalty Points

    Status Points
    Your Royal Club Crown level is decided by the number of Status Points you acquire. These points
    are then multiplied by a factor assigned to each Royal Club level.  For example, if you earn 1000 
    Status Points and you are a member of the Royal Crown level your Status Points will be multiplied
    by 4 and you will earn 4000 Royalty Points. In order to maintain your level you need to earn at least
    half of the points you needed to achieve that level each month. For example, the Royal Crown level
    costs 20,000 Status Points to achieve but only 10,000 to maintain.

    Your Status Points reset on the first of each calendar month. Status Points
    are used as constant counter of your play and cannot be redeemed or transferred.

    Example: First month you earned 2,000 Status Points and you got membership in Silver Crown
    If you earn less than 2,000 Status Points you will be dropped to Bronze Crown at the beggining of the next month.
    If you earn 5,000 Status Points you will receive Gold Crown membership etc.

    Royalty Points
    Your Status Points earn you spending points called Royalty Points. Royalty Points may be used to
    purchase products in the Royal Store or as the buy-in to selected tournaments and events.

    Please note: Royalty Points only expire if you do not earn any Royalty Points within one full
    calendar year.
    For instance, if you earn any Royalty Points in the year 2010, your Royalty Points will not expire
    that year. However, if you earn no Royalty Points in the 2011 calendar year, your Royalty Points
    will expire on December 31, 2011..

    For every Status Point you earn, you also earn Royalty Points based on your Royal Club level.

  • You earn points by playing in PokerKing games which have a rake or fee.

    In PokerKing tournaments, you earn points based on the entry fee. You receive Status Points at the rate of 6 Status Points for each $1.00 USD paid as a fee.

    Fractional Status Points will be awarded in hundredths.

    For example:
    Playing in a $5 buy-in tournament with a $0.50 entry fee will earn you 3 Status Points.

    Please note: “Play Money” and “Freeroll” tournaments do not charge a cash fee, so you do not earn Status Points from them.


    You earn 6.6 Status points per every dollar of rake you paid in ring games.

    For example:
    At a 6-seated table only 3 players call and see the flop, each of them paying $10. After the flop players A goes all-in with $40, B calls and C folds, there is $110 in the pot. The total rake paid is $3, Status points devided between players are 19.8:

    • A and B get 8.25 SPs each;
    • C gets 3.3 SPs.

    “Play Money” and “Freeroll” tournaments do not charge a cash fee, so you do not earn Status Points from them.

  • The higher your Royal Club level, the more Royalty Points you will earn for each hand played at a
    real money table or for taking part in tournaments with an entry fee.

    The table below shows how you can reach higher Royal Club levels and how many Royalty Points
    you can earn at each level.

    Royal Club Levels List
    Royal Club Level Status Points Status Points required to maintain level Royalty Points earning factor Sample based on 1000 Status Points earned
    1 1 1X 1,000
    2000 1000 1.5X 1,500
    5000 2500 2.0X 2,000
    10000 5000 3.0X 3,000
    20000 10000 4.0X 4,000


    EXAMPLE 1:
    A Bronze Crown member plays in a qualified raked hand. He earns 1 Status Point and at the same
    time he also earns 1 Royalty Point. A Gold Crown member plays the same hand and earns 1 Status
    Point, but earns 2 Royalty Points (not 1) for playing this hand.

    EXAMPLE 2:
    A Platinum Crown member plays in a raked cash game hand for which 2 Status Points are awarded.
    He earns 3 Royalty Points for each Status Point, so he would receive 6 Royalty Points for playing
    this hand.