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Observation: Staying Alert

As a new arrival in the world of poker you will find that many of both the veteran players and those that just started making their way through the ranks have to say about the importance of observation. Poker is one of those games where both skill and chance are an extremely needed combination in determining the outcome of a player’s progression. Throughout our lesson we talk a lot about the ability and the value of being able to observe the many fast track traits and tricks in all of the variations of poker.

No matter what level the player is functioning at, players should make sure that their senses are very sharp while in the game. The best advice that can be given to gambler is to bailout or fold when they feel fatigued or unable to concentrate on the hand or game that they are in. For players maintaining the body and mind in a tiptop physical and mental state is a must. Players that take this advice are making the best step towards ensuring themselves that they will keep their senses heightened throughout the game.

Practicing the art of observation gives a poker player a tremendous advantage over those who don’t. After several rounds of poker play, an observant player has made himself aware of the playing style, mannerisms and minor differences that their opponents might display during the game. Becoming familiar with your opponent can give an astute player a huge advantage no matter what the stakes are.

From picking up on these things during the game, a player can better understand the strategy their opponent is using and there by “Reading” the opponents move when they are holding a good hand. By knowing the tendencies and traits of the opponents at the poker table, one can adjust and strategize accordingly. Put these together and that means you can increase your winning just by paying attention. This is not a new trick brought about by years of study; this is a skill that can be utilized on a daily basis and something people learn at a young age.

If you take time and just watch people at different activities you can see how easy it is to find clues and where they can be found such as: in the body language, facial expressions or even the tones of voice from the players. This is why it is important to master the skill of observation and to work it into your daily practice.