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Tons of vacancies have opened the doors to experts from multiple fields to level up their skills and improve the quality of their lives

by Poker King|September 5/2019|views: 190

Experts estimate the blockchain market to reach over $20 billion by the end of 2024. Whilst the economy’s adapting to the new technologies, the emerging market opened a ton of new industries which are already benefiting from it.

A recent commentary by CCN suggested that working class is better off with Blockchain. And it might actually be right.

Salaries have grown with 61% than the average salary in the US 

Blockchain demands professional with special knowledge in a diversity of fields. Over 300% has it grow, exceeding the average US salary pegged at about $52,000 in comparison with the average blockchain salary, topping $84,000. Having a 61% difference.

Investing opportunities for non-investors

The blockchain technology has opened the gates to unseen before opportunities for working-class people. Now someone with a 9 to 5 job can become an investor of his own. 

The average person is being encouraged to invest in a diversity of blockchain projects – an opportunity previously only available to large scale VC funds. Curio enables users to purchase shares of luxury cars. What it does – enabling access to premium collectibles. Exchanges such as BITFINEX and EMX provide index trading and introduce derivatives for crypto traders.

Big companies adopt Blockchain

Both startups and major players on the market started adopting the Blockchain technology and its core concept. For instance, Walmart recently utilized distributed ledger technology to track the supply across its stores for more transparency and accountability. 

IAG – the parent company of British Airways, fueled investments into Vchain. Vchain is a startup which’s main aim is to tackle the efficiency of check-in procedures at airlines. They can easily access those procedures for security and travel checks.

IEO and Blockchain have improved the lives of the working class, opening thousands of vacancies and opening the doors to opportunity based on this evolving and truly fascinating tech discovery.